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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-16 - 2:51 a.m.

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Le jour du canard!

Today was christmas - I don't care much for christmas, but for me as child, christmas, like birthday just had the meaning: "a lot of presents" -

& That's just what I got today - was this my lucky day in gifts of the year? -

I got 3 parcels today! - Well this sounds impressing, but is not, because 2 of them where parcels I had recently ordered by amazon. - I had ordered them on different days - but they all arrived on the same day. - Also most surprisingly - there arrived a heavy parcel from France. - I found this one just when I was leaving my flat to go to work (in the afternoon) - so just pushed it inside my flat before I left.

The 2 other parcels I had to get from the post office, because I got a notification in my letter box. - So I had to take them with me to my working place (a driver school) - while unpacking & examining my new treasures of books & CD's - I got a call by Peo (in her Thai-pressure massage shop), that someone had just given her 50 Euros for me (which doesn't mean, that she was about selling me) - no it was just someone I had helped announcing his new website - so he wanted to give me some reward. - That's nice! - If all the people I had helped within the last years on their PC problems, would have given me an appropriate amount of pay I would be filthy rich.

When I came home I was of course very curious, who had sent that heavy parcel & what were the contents:

I emptied the contents of all these 3 parcels on my bed. If the contents would have been gold, I would have probably have pathed & dived in them (like Dagobert Duck).

But grown up people do other things:

they just take a photograph:

Isn't it impressing - Ok - those to the right side don't count that much, because these were presents I gave to myself, but ain't I not the person, who knows my own taste perfectly well & is quite sensible to give me just the right presents just in time when I need or greed them..

But on the other hand it's like giving yourself a massage - it's not the same - you get quite other sensations if your partner touches softly & lovingly your skin.

But let's let take a closer look:

This parcel came from a dear french friend & it was full of food - I mean french delicatesses & look at those cans it was all about canards, well one of those Pate cans is something with pork, but all others have more ore less 'canard' contents -

I did not quite make out what all these french descriptions mean, but I'm about enciphering them with my thick french dictionary:
Foie Gras means goose or duck lever - I don't know yet what Cassoulet means, but of course know, what a Terrine is..

At least I have to know what is written on the cans before I open them.

Those 3 bic cans with about 850 ml each are all Cassoulet's - one "Cassoulet de Castelnaudary", the next: "Cassoulet au Confit de Canard", the third one: "Cassoulet au Canard" - then the little cans: 2 of them "Bloc de Foice Gras De Canard" but by different trade mark, then "Terrine de Canard (à l'Armanac) & last but maybe least the "Terrine Bigourdane" - (least because it failed the theme by being porc instead of canard)

Women try alway to feed me or give me food & clothes, - maybe it's some kind of maternal instinct or do I look that starved & naked?- Not that I don't appreciate that - in fact I would probably have starved since long if they wouldn't have cared.. -

Of course this apparently christmas gift was just the gift of some gourmet speciality of that region in France. - I don't dare to open one of them before I don't know whats really inside & how I should prepare & eat them.

I'll ask her who sent it for some receipts, but at least I know how to use "Foie Gras". This food support will probably let me survive our harsh winter time.

Thank you dear Grazielle, pour le exquisite, delicieux food support!

Meanwhile I found out what "Cassoulet" means - it's "Eintopf" in German - hmm well now I have to find out what's the word for it in English

But what is written on one of the Cassoulet cans my help:

"La recette du cassoulet de Castelnaudary fut imaginée pendant la guerre de 100 ans. Ses habitants, assiégés, firent un gigantesque ragoût rassemblant toutes leurs réserves de haricots et de viandes diverses: oie, canard, porc, soucisse. Ragaillardis par ce plat grandiose, ils repoussèrent victorieusement l'ennemi."

But now to the amazon part:

Apparently I was recently in a "Kaufrausch" (means frenzy or rage of buying things?) - u no - you just can't stop while chosing nice things in amazon. - so here I got "Boris Vian" - "L'ecume des jours" in French & German & also "grapefruit" by Yoko Ono" - & also 2 CD's of Steve Marriott (including the one I had lost & never found again since the 70ieth - then also a "Small Faces" DVD - some rare documents of the late 60ieth of swinging London beat-generation & also a Cream concert in Albert Hall on DVD. - So the circle from foam to cream closes.

& I don't know where to start with..

Have another bite of canard?

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