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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-21 - 4:29 a.m.

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My comment to 'stumbling over the Dilbert blog'

I know the Dilbert comics about 7 years - I've been working in a software company by then & my collegue Andreas introduced me to Dilbert - which was in that time the most satirical plot to what was happening everyday in our company (of course) - I still remember one of the Dilbert cartoons - Andreas prefered this one- I can't quite remember, but it was somehow like this:

The boss comes enlightened by some idea he got from elsewhere into the company, says to Dilbert something like: "I heard that a 'database' is a wonderful thing to have - could we do it too?" - Dilbert sais: "Oh yeah, which colour should it have?" - Boss sais: "I think lilac (orange? - magenta?) would be fine. That looks innovative"

Yes our boss was like that too. -

I bought some of these Dilbert books in that time (in English, but I they are also translated in German available)

a) - time passed like it always does if you don't care
b) - I lost my job there, because my company by got bankrupt by the incompetence of our splendid boss
c) - I forgot almost about Dilbert..

.. but recently detected him again in internet.

There is the official site, which probably 87 % of you know already (but apparently 78% still don't)- you can subscribe there & get your daily Dilbert (who's doing all the cooking & cleaning for you) - I mean you get every new Dilbert cartoon strip via e-mail..

But more interesting I found recently in Alisons blog a link to Scott Adam's (he's the Dilbert author) blog - yes he writes a blog since some weeks.

I like to visit his blog about daily - of course it's not always just funny - Scott is not Dilbert of course & he has because of his stardom a wake of comments on each of his entries of about 2 or 3 hundred - & it probably grows & grows - he controls the comments before relasing them in his comments part, to elude the insulting & mean ones -
but I imagine a tedious task to overread all those hundreds of fan comments to each blogging - maybe in short he will hire someone, who makes the pre-decision for him, so he reads only some pre-selected ones..

I decided in general against writing comments there, because who reads 300 comments? -

What does he do, when the comments get thousands to each entry? - I wouldn't like such a wake, but maybe it's just flattering - it's like millions clapping hands to you - so if the comments get into thousands, they may just should be replaced by a programm with the sound of clapping hands. -

But I really high recommend the dilbertblog - it's at:, but you shouldn't comment there - it's useless (more or less)!

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