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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-22 - 4:49 a.m.

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Conan the Barbar!

So Graz, the hometown of Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized Schwarzeneggers attitude in the death penalty case of Williams.

Schwarzenegger in reaction did forbid then, that the Graz Sports Stadion, the "Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadion", should still have his name - he did it because he had heard, that Grazian people concidered about changing the name of that stadion (that's like giving notice of termination after you've heard that you're going to be fired)

& he also gave back his honorary citizenship Graz.

He acted like an insulted behaving child, maybe just to deceive his ignorant conscience, but it's good that he did it. - Why should he still be an honorary citizen in a town, a country, a continent, (a world) where death penalty is abandonend, despised & concidered as barbaric? - Graz for good isn't proud anymore of Schwarzenegger & I hope California will sooner or later see it the same way.

Maybe someone should tell Schwarzenegger that acting as Governor isn't a holywood film & that Williams wasn't a stuntman for a death scene..

& I told you some entrys ago, that I won't watch any Schwarzenegger films anymore - & these days I had a film on video with Schwarzenegger in it - as soon as I noticed that I stopped watching it & deleted it - Let's boykott him!

Too bad that Bush wasn't actor too - I really would like to boycott his films.. (just like Ahmadinejad's & a lot of other political folk's - please make films that I can boycott you)

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