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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-02 - 5:32 a.m.

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Craving for my new digicam..

Since about a half year I have the idea to get me a new digicam.

I have a 'Kodak EasyShare DX4900' - since about 2 years. I got this cam as payment for a website for a hotel I designed. The prize was about 250 Euro.

Since then I made a lot of pictures with it, especially for websites. The quality was quite agreeable for a lot of cases, but mostly unsatisfying for a lot of special cases - the resolution with 4 MP was enough & outdoor photos on sunny daylight or in-room photos with flashlight were satisfying, but the optical zoom was poor, - there was no macro function - I couldn't even get an beetle or anthill fotographed - in dim light or outside in dusk of a clowdy day or dawn I couldn't even get sharp fotos with her -

See here, a foto taken in the evening dawn somewhere in center Nuremberg

very blury indeed (& I was just standing 2 or 3 meters away from these cute rabbits..

so since some some months I was slightly looking for a new, a better camera, - but I'm no professional in these things & it's a jungle out there what is offered by commercial intelligence to the naive customer who just wants a really good camera -

so still hesitating I recently read in Alisons place (I have a cup of coffee there frequently & the flavor of the bean tastes nice), that she got a 'Nikon D50' by her friend Allan, who apparently has a Nikon D70.

So - I thought - that could be a good hint for the camera of my dreams - & searched ebay for this cam - hmm - this 'digital Spiegel-Reflex-Camera' (I don't know Spiegel-Reflex in english) is really expensive - you can't get it for a price lower than 700 Euros - & since I lost my job (I only have a mini-job now) that's hard to reach for me.

Anyway I was about bidding for this cam - but remembered my old pal 'Urs Schweitzer' - He's a professional fotographer since about 25 years - He's been taking long foto tours to Maroc, India, China, Thailand, Nepal, India, India & India (yes mainly India) - He sold his fotos to big magazines like Geo, made calendars, exhibitions etc. - you can see more in his site: - yes & you can give order beautiful foto-prints, postcards & foto-calendars from him because like all free-lancing artists he needs the money.. I rememberd Urs, called him & asked him for expertial advice. - Yes & he saved me a lot of money - I told him my amateurial needs & likes & expectations in fotography & he recommended me a cam that would quite fit my expectations

It was the ' Konica Minolta Dimage 7 HI, 5MP' - He was about searching the same cam for a friend & told me that it was the best of that price class, & has the possibility to use objectives, has 7 x optical zoom, macro & tele functions - the new price was once about 1500 Euros, but they are selling used ones in ebay for about 300 Euros - more or less.

Of got convicted by his advice & started searching for this one in ebay - Of course I wouldn't buy one before christmas, because the prices would be probably very high, but probably get much lower in January.

But while searching I found one Dimage in ebay which ended on the evening of Dec. 25th - & on the 24th it was only on about 180 Euro - Hmm - I thought why not bid, if it doesn't get to high.

since I'm ebay expert I only bid in the last view seconds - 3 minutes before ending the price was still about 200 Euro - I gave my (highest) bid just 20 seconds before ending with a limit of 251,51 Euro - but another ebay-bidder also had bidden in the last seconds until 248 Euro - so I got it for 249 -

I watched also later on the prices for this cam in ebay - & no one sells cheaper than 300 Euro. So probably the 25th Dec. was something like the quiet rest in the middle of the storm - the christmas bidding fever had just gone & the new wave of christmas aftergreed had not a-rised yet.

So Dec, the 25th is the perfect day for ebay-bidding - in the unaware zone between the rushes.

I'll tell you more about my new cam if it arrives - at least in future you will probably see a lot of splendid shots whith that cam..

& I will fotograph an ancient anthill, where you can see any single leg, tusk & tentacle of any antique ant aunty there around!

I couldn't resist to give you some details of my new cam:

Minolta Dimâge 7 HI

2560 x 1920 Pixel

Zusätzliche Bildauflösungen
1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480

CompactFlash Typ I, II (kompatibel mit IBM Microdrive)

Interner Speicher


Bildpunkte des Sensors
2/3" Sensor mit 4.950.000 Punkten

LCD-Farbsucher mit Dioptrienausgleich, LCD-Monitor

36 Bit

7,00 (entspricht 28 -200 auf Kleinbildfilm), Makrofunktion

Hochwertige Konstruktion mit 2 AD-Elementen und 2 asphärischen Linsen




Autofokus und manuell, Direct manual focus

ISO 100/200/400/800 (Auto,man.)

Belichtungssteuerung Programmautomatik, Zeitautomatik, Blendenautomatik, Manuelle Belichtung

650 g

Serielle Schnittstelle

parallele Schnittstelle



Anschluss für Netzgerät

-Minolta Dimage 7 HI Digitalkamera (Anschaffung 15.07.2003)
-Ni-MH Akkuladegerät
-Dimage Software CD-Rom

117 x 91 x 113mm

-Verschluss mechanisch und elektronisch (Kombination)
-Belichtungszeiten 15 s bis 1/4.000 s, 30 s (Langzeitbelichtung)
-Blenden F2,8 - F8 (Weitwinkel), F3,5 - F9,5 (Tele)
-Manuelle Belichtungskorrektur +/- 2 in Stufen von 1/3
-Individuelle Einstellung von Farbe und Kontrast
-Digital-Effektfunktion und Digital-Motivprogrammwahl
-Sucher LCD-Farbsucher mit Dioptrienausgleich (-5 bis +0,5) stufenlos bis 90 ° nach oben schwenkbar
-LCD-Monitor 1,8" TFT-LCD-Monitor mit 122.000 Bildp.
-Bildkontrolle über LCD-Monitor, PC-Monitor
-Blitzreichweite 0,45 m bis 3,8 m
-Selbstauslöser 10 s

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