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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-03 - 2:06 a.m.

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Atellage Royal & in need for Kings & Queens

There are friends, there are relatives, there are aquaintances, there are good friends - but those 2 who are dearest to me, both start with the letter 'C' - one of them you can see on my birthday tribute here & the other my good friend Chiara. She's 7 by now & I know here since she was 1 year old. - I've been her babysitter once, while the mother was working at night in that time. Sometimes I slept there hoping for Chiara to sleep very long in the morning. But merciless between 6 & 7 in the morning she woke me up with chatting, mumbling & crying & if all my efforts to soothe her down to sleep again didn't help anymore - then the hard day of a babysitter had started. -

I changed her napkins (diapers?), fed her with warmed-up baby-stuff bottles & spoonwise with pap, played with her & was totally glad when about noon she got tired again, so I also could sleep another wink.

This was Chiara at age 2
- she already had a very strong personality in exploring things
& a definitive willpower to no-one let disturb
or hinder her exploring. -
(Yes this foto has got some water damage)

Some things in my babysitting were very tedious, but a lot of things were sweet & delighting. You get so much back from a little child which makes you happy that it's really worth the caring.

Long years have passed. Chiara is already 7 - started her second year in school. But the close bondage between us since baby-dom never ceased. - I'm like a uncle to her (her favourite one) & of course she is still 'my Chiara'. Recently when I visited them she came to me & said: "Du bist doch mein guter alter Heimo" (means: "you are still my good old Heimo") - well I didn't like too much that she said 'old', but I liked very much, that she said 'my'. That means, that we are very special people to each other.

I see her seldom meantimes, because they have moved to a far away town & I visit them only every view months. But if I'm there she is very eager to show me her world, her things, her computer games, her animals & often tries to occupy me all the time.

& of course she gets birthday presents & christmas presents from me, but sometimes it's difficult to get anything what no other person has already given her, because sometimes she really gets too much on such occasions.

For her last 2 birthdays she got big fairytale books with a lot of pictures from me - 'Grimm's Märchen' & 'Anderson's Märchen' (Märchen = fairytale).

A view of the fairytales I had read for her (when she was going to bed) & recently I asked her mother, whether she reads those books or someone reads it for her. But she, like most children of new wave multi media age, doesn't like to read. TV & gameboy & nintendo & computer games seem much more interesting. Everytime I'm there I see, that she watches much toooo much TV & everytime tell her mother to be more strict with allowing her not too much tv (very careful of course - never insult a mother in educational things!!) - But TV reigns & most children aren't able to spell words properly even at the age of 12..

Anyway - so this year I decided as Christmas present for Chiara something else than a book.

Since I like to give my presents to Chiara personally & not send them by post I had time for searching for that present on the more reluctant time after christmas, which means that today I visited the toy section of a big ware house ('Kaufhof') - I was only 3 minutes there when I saw the 'perfect present' for Chiara. Look here:

It's the

'Königliche Kutsche (German)
'Royal Carriage' (English)
'Attelage Royal' (French)
'Koninklijke Koets' (Dutch)
'Carruajes Real' (espagnol)

Since Chiara was about 3 she is all crazy for horses, - she was then in a day babysitting family (while her mother worked), who had a lot of animals, also some horses. Chiara fell in love with horses which never ceased still now. - She has a lot of plastic & wooden horse figures to play with, playmobil horse ranches, Computer games with horses & ponys & meantime she even learns to ride real horses (ponies) -

So this Royal Carriage will for sure totally delight her - You can really touch it & it's not computer-animated & you don't have to able to read to use it!

I will visit them the over next weekend to hand it over. - It's right standing on my bed where I just fotographed it for you - while watching it I thought it a nice idea if there were a king & a queen or a prince & a princess sitting inside that carriage & a coachman with boots, hat & whip on the front seat. -

so I googled ebay & ebayed google - but couldn't find anything fitting - you find a lot of barbies or playmobil figures, old style dolls etc. - but no king nor queen in the appropriate size. - Well probably Chiara has some little people she can sit in the carriage, but as I like things to be perfect I probably can't resist to search in the next view days some toyshops for that royal breed to crowd that carriage..

Anyway Chiara loves all kind of animals (except spiders) deeply & one of her future profesion wishes is to become veterinarian one day.

Here you see Chiara with her beloved 2 cats in her snug & cozy bed realm.

Don't they look over-cute?

Here otherwise (I mean in contradiction to 'overcute') you see me (yes my hair looks untidy here & my lips are tightly pressed together) fotographed by Chiara:

This is a shot of Chiara while I fotographed her (meanwhile too narrow) Flamenco dress for selling it in ebay.

But Chiara can also look really cool & semi-adult (here in her mother's bureau):

& last but not least - Chiara at night - like a ghost out of the dark:

So good night dear readers!

PS: By the way: if you ever find or own a king 'n' queen or a prince 'n' princess couple (plus optionally a coachman) fit to that carriage, please send them to me (you can get my adress by e-mail inquiry)

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