from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-07 - 4:55 a.m.

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Naked in front of the Grand Hotel.

Did you ever dream of being naked in the public? - Most people have sometimes these dreams of being naked, half naked or not properly dressed in front of a public.

- At least I don't have these dreams anymore of not succeeding in fleeing from an enemy like you're sticking to the ground, which is probably a typical youth's dream (can't get away from the clusks of the parents or of people who never got free in their lifes from a tight bond of obligations & constraints.

So in this dream tonight I awoke (in the dream) on a bed situated in front of the Grand Hotel here in Nuremberg, quite opposite to the station.

But the bed was only a mattress & it was not inside the Grand Hotel, but on the passageway in front of it. - I saw by-passers walking by some meters away. & sleeping on the street makes you feel like a bum.

I was totally naked, but still covered with a blanket. Only my head was not covered. I tried to cover my face with my hair, that no one of the by passing people could recognize me.

My clothes were nearby - so I had to dress, without the public seeing me naked while I left my blanket.

But while I was considering about getting dressed in a not too embarrassing way I saw on one of the cellar windows of the hotel some iron bars & behind them a huge spider about half a meter in size, which was gnawing on the half rotten iron bars & was halfway outside already & I felt deeply threatened by her efforts to get free & didn't like the idea to become her first prey.

I had to be quick to get dressed & get away, but the spider was out before I could even grab my heap of clothes & quite naturally, coming from the dim cellar to the open daylight, the spider tried to hide (We had something in common - we tried to hide from the street passengers) from the public under the next shelter she could find. - & that was my heap of clothes.

That made dressing to me kind of dangerious. - I needed my clothes so badly to leave this embarrasing situation, but of course didn't wanted to die by the sting of a giant spider.

So very carefully I took piece by piece my clothes at the utmost edge with 2 fingers, holding it up high very far from my body to examine them wheters the spide was inside.

So while carefully dressing I found the spider finally in my undershirt & quickly wrapped the ends of the shirt somehow around her to make a cage.

I left that place (still with the imprisoned spider in my baggage) using a nearby elevator, that brought me up to a kind of other planet.

I was in some kind of space laboratary then with long corridors & a lot of work desks, like in a chemistry school for students.

There was a guy in white laboratory clothes who took the spider & fixed her on one of the laboratary desks. She was all in bondage now & had no legs anymor. So was totally helpless.

He told me that here spies & enemies were tortured & I saw on every desk some instruments for torturing & some mechanics to tie the victim to the desk.

So he was about to torture the spider, that she should give him some confessions & informations about her 'evil' plans - Hmm!

I don't like torturing - so I got sympathetic for the spider. But he thought I was a novice to their lab & needed practice in torturing - so he told me I could make experiences with that helpless spider with some of those torture instruments. - He also showed me a button, that would turn the fixed Spider around.

I didn't wanted to show him, that I was not like him, so I behaved like I was interested in this torturing stuff - I took a brush & tickled the spider - please confess or I'll make you giggle! - but because the spider had no legs anymore, where I knew she was very sensitive to tickling, it was useless.

But this laboratary freak was apparently pleased with my action & left the place for a while & I thought about fleeing from that place & also free the poor spider from this place.

I found out that this guy was about to start sing something like a hymn for some minutes, which he had to do out of religious or other strange reasons every day at the same time. - While singing this hymn he had to close his eyes. - & that was my chance to get away.

I waited till he started to sing that hymn - he closed his eyes & I quickly went to the spider to cut off her bondages. But then he opened again his eyes & went over to me. I thought he had detected my plan & pretended to still be involved in torturing the spider. -

But he didn't care about me. He only had changed his place, because he felt he was not yet on the right place for chanting his hymn.

He started again. I quickle freed the spider & ran away with her in this labyrinth of corridors. - I finally found the lift that would get me out of this underground laboratory. - But there were about 6 elevators looking all the same - so I didn't know which was the right one take.

There was no time to lose - soon the alarm bells would ring - so I decided for one & hoped it would be the right one. - up, up & up it drove - the interior looked like the inside of a little spaceship -

I heard already this labarotary guy who had finished his hymn, shouting, that all exits should be closed & I hoped I was already outside that zone.

Relieved I felt that I was already outside that zone. I had reached the surface of the planet & quickly left the cabin. - Meanwhile a boy & a girl were with me who were on my side & wanted to help me to escape.

But just before I could get another lift that would lead me back to earth I saw my enemy from that lab running after us. -

But I still had the spider with me. & I had also her eight cut off legs with me & spread them over her body. I knew also that we could attach these legs again to her & then she would grow to giant size & chase our follower away. - But I had to cast a spell on her to free her of the rest of the still left bondages, to attach her legs again & to make her giant size. -

My spell didn't work out right - & I knew the only one who could help us now, was the boy with us, who was perfect in spell casting. But he had just left for a minute to a sideroom of the corridor, a toilette apparently - the pursuer came closer & I hoped the boy would return quickly before it was too late.. -

Then I woke up - so I don't know what else happened in this dream. I'm pretty sure this boy mastered the situation by magic & the spider is well & united with her legs again. - I wish her good fortune & a nice 8-legged life as long as I don't meet her in real life - I would jump to the ceiling!

PS: I would have liked to post some fotos of that strange laboratary & that huge spider - but I didn't had my digicam with me..

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