from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-10 - 4:54 a.m.

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John was right!

as in my last entry I was telling a dream - in the end I wrote that I wished I had my digicam with me.

& that remembers me to 2 dreams I had in last year's summer:

In the first one I dreamt I was journeying through fantastic landscapes , large woods, mountains & valleys with beautyful sights - in this dream I regretted, that I hadn't my digi cam with me to take some shots of this dream sights.

Some days later I had another dream - I was in an old baroque café with old furniture & a beautiful Lady dressed like a Lady of Versailles in the time of Louis XIV. - & I had learned from my dream before - this time I had my camera with me & could make the snapshot.

Too bad that after I woke up I couldn't find that foto on my camera chip anymore! - Probably a transmission default!

But to not let this entry end too soon & I hope you still have some time to waste (you know my place is a place where pretty good can waste time - just by being here)
- just tonight I had a little dream sequence, that was absolutly worthwhile being fotographed. - No it would be better for a little avi or mpg4 film. - Aah - it was so très pittoresque!

I was somewhere on the edge of a small village with hills & bushes & all kind of nature & landscape around - I was in a room like a shop with few friends with me. On one site of this room was a window almost as big a the wall wide open, so we could unprevented see the nature out there.

I watched some birds flying around in these lazy sun atmosphere & on some of the hills & trees the silhouettes of some big crane like birds with silver paradizebird like long hanging feathers. - These were the only birds that were not flying nor moving. Very mysterious they were waiting for something or sleeping or just background schemes.

My friend John (who in real life knows about everything (sometimes) or seems to have heard about everything & can tell this in a very convincing way, that makes you believe, it must be true what he tells) who was also there told me that this birds couldn't fly on most times of day or night - the only way for them to get in the air was waiting for a special upwards draft wind, that would rise in the evening at a certain state of dawn.

I recognized that this special moment had just arrived. - I saw these cranelike birds starting together straight into the sky it was marvelious, because of their silvery shimmering feathers, their imposant attitude in flying & they built formations like wild goose or ducks do. -

The sky had changed it's colours to strange colours like in the early sun rise or in a heavy thunderstorm with thunder & lightning where strange lights & colours dominate the atmosphere.

There were more & more of those crane birds rising & building huge swarms flying in formations. - There were more & more of them in the air - they built big swarms that nearly blackend the sky & I thought: "this is like 'Hitchcocks Birds but without attacking people..'

While they passed by you could feel the wind they made with their thousands of wings - I asked Peo, who was also in the background of the room to look at this fantastic spectacle - but she was so involved in talking with a friend, that she hardly recognized the great scenery outside. - Some feathers of the by passing birds were blown into our room.

it was an atmosphere outside like the end of the world - these birds seemed totally out of control, like something happening that could only happen once & for an ominous strange destiny meaning - the earth was opening & spitting fire, building fire fountains to this scene - but I knew neither the fire nor the overwhelming amount of these impressing feather gowned cranes were dangerious to me. - I was just excited to see this grande spectacle.

Yes & I should have make an avi-file out of it!

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