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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-11 - 2:02 a.m.

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Coincidences on door slamming experiences

This evening I read in Gentry's diary in her hating region:

HATING: My neighbor who is trying to stir up trouble. He already yelled at me for closing my door too loud (!)

Later in the evening I called my Iranian friend Ghasem. After a while of serious men talk or nice boy chatting - he told me that today he was at a friends appartment to let the gas-man (a craftsman) in. Later when he left the flat a neighbour came out & yelled at him for closing the door too loud.

At that point I laughed. I told him that exactly the same happened to Gentry today. There seems to be a wide spread of these kind of neighbours in France & Germany (or maybe worldwide?) -

Remember France & Germany were under Emperor Charlemagne once one single big state (Reich). Was it the kingdom of people who don't close their doors too loud?

Did they chop the heads of those who banged their doors too loud?

By the way just as I had the idea to write this door clapping entry & thought how loud a door should be to trouble your neighbour - I watched in the background tv film with Humphrey Boghart, he was just leaving a room & slamming the door. No yelling neighbour came out & yelled at him - or maybe the regisseur had later cut out this quite natural neighbourhood reaction. - We know films lie.

Please dear readers - just go out your flat & slam your door! - Try this with raising fortitude. - Try to find out how hard you have to slam it, till the typical neighbour comes out to yell at you! - Do this only if you're sure, that your neighbour is at home & is not totally deaf! - Make a fotograph of your yelling neighbour! - Mail or post the results to me!

Edit: Wow - just while putting this entry to diary I hear in the background (still Humphrey Boghart) someone telling about Charlemagne - what a coincidence!

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