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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-12 - 4:19 a.m.

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Whispering women.

Yesterday I was at my doctor. I hate to visit a doctor & avoid it to the last moment. I deeply mistrust doctors & never know whether what they describe me is more deadly & dangerious or the sickness I got. - I trust much more my instincts than a doctor

We all know what nonsense & failures the primitive doctors some decades ago did - & I know that in some 100 years the state of science will concider what our doctors do now as primitive & false.

Since some weeks I got a grippe which comes & goes - some days slight fever - some days without fever. - Usually I wait till such a flu is over & don't go to doctor to get some hazardious dangerious pills, but on the other hand: better some days with mind dumbing antibiotics than getting weaker & weaker by a not ending influenza.

I think these viruses get more & more resistent to our natural defending system of the body, because all people in our hyper civilized world take antibiotics for any slight flu. - So these viruses get more & more resistent to all our natural resources against them - that's like raising fighting dogs to make them more & more aggressive. - We breed fight viruses getting stronger & stronger by millions of antibiotics around.

My doctor is polish. - I've been to greek, to russian, to turkish doctors & then the main patients I see there are greek, russian or turkish.

So in the waiting room in the early afternoon there were a lot of polish women present.

After I 'v beein in at the doctor to let her give me some strange descriptions of medicaments I waited out at the receiption to get my receipt. - One of the girls behind the reception was polish, the other was german.

I was standing there waiting for my receipt & some of these women also gathered round the reception to get their receipts or their references to special doctors.

The cute little lady next to me said something to the assistant behind the desk in a very low voice - The assistant didn't understand & asked her to repeat - she repeated still whispering & the assistant still couldn't understand her.

I recognized, that she was only whispering, because I stood close to her & feared that I overheard - so politely stepped back some steps. & then heard her whispering a slight note louder & I heard something like 'gynaceologist' -

so that was what she was so ashamed about speaking out loud. -

Some time later - I still was waiting for my receipt, there was a young girl (age about 18 or 20) - who just before me in the row - & she was also whispering.

Sometimes I wonder why women whisper - if they whisper everybody in the room exactly hears what they say - but they themselves absolutely believe that no-one hears them. -

She told the assistant that she needed a receipt for ... - & again the assistant couldn't understand her whispering - what embarassing sickness was she trying to hide? - She whispered again, a bit louder & now I could understand it -'diarrhoea'. - Well this girl was very styled, looked very sexy & wore hot narrow jeans & apparently she didn't wanted anyone to associate her hot ass to diarrhoea..

Hmm - & I wonder, if it's a polish custom to whisper at doctor's receptions.. - next time I shall whisper there too, because now I have also got diarrhoe & feel pretty dull & uncomfortable because of the antibiotics I'm taking & have to stand it for about 5 days - I hope I'll survive that! - If I didn't survive I'll tell you!

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