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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-14 - 4:01 a.m.

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some few more drops of entertainment..

Since I've read recently in the diary of the wonderful Panty Queen de Paris about the film "The Chronicles of Narnia" & that she liked it - & trusting that recommendment I decided to visit that film too - sooner or later.

Meanwhile I seldom visit cinemas anymore - it has to be a very special film to make me move to one of the palaces of illusion & delusions.

I don't like to visit a cinema alone. That's one of the happenings I'd always like to share. I don't care watching tv all alone, but for special occasions you need special compagnons to share the spectacle.

Maybe I go there with John - well probably.
We had a long tradition of 3 years visiting together the 'Lord of the Rings' films. This tradition has somehow ceased, because there is no Part IV of Tolkien's trilogy. - (I mean they could have made another episode with "The Hobbit")

I researched the website of the big Nurembergian cinema center "Cinecitta" (it has the biggest IMAX (3-dimensional cinema) of Europe) for the Narnia film -

These days it's running in 2 versions - one for children from 6 years upwards - the other version from age 12 upwards.

Oohm - what's the difference. - Do they show more violence, killings or naked flesh in the second version?

Well, the difference is that the version for 'at age 12' is digitalized & so(?) needs 140 minutes - that's 2 minutes more than the version 'free at six years' with 138 minutes length.

These 2 minutes difference probably just cross a line of youth protection law in public medias, that should prevent children younger than 12 to endure films longer than 138 minutes. - Yes the next few minutes could be dangerious to a young childs eggshell fragile mind.

But since I am already some kind of adult & at least older than 18 - I demand that there should be a Narnia film version for adults, which should be at least 142 minutes long (Maybe let the film just run a little bit slower to get these 2 minutes).

& there could be a version for really old people - allowed only for people older than 75 - there is no background music & the voices are really loud - lasts all day long because it repeats every sequence of the film 10 times (well on demand also 11 times) ..

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