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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-22 - 3:42 a.m.

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wild obsession

For those who cared (thank you Alison) my health is much better now & I'm over these bad flu & antibiotic suffering time.

I just watched a wild life documentation about Jaguars observings in the Amazonas delta -

Becaue it's very difficult to fotograph the very stealthy living Jaguars & to find out their routes & existence in the south american jungle, they have installed a lot of cameras with moving sensors to get fotos of them.

But to lure Jaguars to these small open places in the jungle where the cameras are installed, they spread some perfume which attracts the Jaguar to go there - & the funny thing is, that only the perfume 'Obsession for men' by 'Calvin Klein' attracts Jaguars so temptating, that they can't resist, than to go there - hmm.

Yes hmm - that made me ponder about how Calvin Klein produces his Obsession smells -

Does he keep some female jaguars & produces the parfume with extracts of female Jaguars vagina's slime in the time they are in heat? - no that would probably be to expensive! (& we should inform greenpeace & wildlife)

But on the other hand, maybe you can make thousands of perfumes by only one smear?

But by this thesis only male Jaguars could be attracted by the Obsession smell.

So I remembered once having read about Jaguars that if they kill a beast, they like to pee on it, before eating it.

So I assume, that 'Obsession for Men' probably is based on urine of jaguars. But I suppose that of course it's much diluted & mixed with some other ingridients.

But if you are obsessed by the sweet stench of 'Obsession for men' - go in the brasilian jungle let an jaguar kill you & before he eats you - & maybe still half alive you will receive the pure delight of pure obsession straight from the source of any perfumers imagination.

PS: OK - I confess, that this is all wild speculations of my strange fantasy & I hope Calvin Klein won't sue me for them.. (on the other hand I may buy one Obsession perfume then go to a Zoo where they keep Jaguars & make a smell test)

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