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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-26 - 6:00 a.m.

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respecting a spider babe

While I was sitting at my computer - there was this tiny little spider this evening that came down slowly from the ceiling down on a little invisible thread about 20 centimeters in front of my face.

I watched her coming closer & closer from above - she was so tiny that she was no threat to me - & I tried to avoid getting in touch with her & her string from the ceiling.

I watched her landing just between my feet, which I cautiously raised to not hurt her.

I watched her walk away on the ground to some unknown destiny (I hope she will build a little spider web in a secret corner & kill there all molesting insects for me like the rest of my guarding spider army) -
I like to have guarding spiders who only stay in their spider webs in some secret corners, but I don't like to have them walk around in my realm. - Walking Spiders are totally unwelcome here.

But while this little spider one escaped on the ground, I wondered what had happened to her thin spider thread on which she had climbed about 2 meters down - it must still hang there down just in front of my nose - so I tried to get that string with my hand, dividing the space between ceiling & floor with a move of my hand to catch that string - but couldn't get it - there was apparently nothing & the escaping spider wasn't in the least moved back by my string catching move.

Was this spider thread so thin, that I couldn't even feel it? - I once heard that spiders don't waste their sources - that means they get the stuff which with they build their spider strings later again back in their bodys & but there was no connection anymore from the ceiling to this little spider.

I remember once having caught another not so tiny spider which also climbed down from the ceiling in front of my face & had her removed just by taking the invisible string above her & removing her, who still was hanging on that thread, to a place, where she wouldn't disturb me anymore.

I imagine that these spiders have a winch with a crank to throw out their spider string & remove it later on - maybe they have some different sprider string roles stored in the back part room of their body - one role with very thin rope, the other with thick rope & then the medium rope & the sticky rope.

But I think they have to take care of their resources & so regain their spent strings if they move from one place to another.

Probably my move to feel the invisible string of that little spider was totally ignorant, because humans are much too insensible to feel a tiny spiders string with thick human skin senses.

Maybe I destroyed her important resource regaining by my interfering?

On the other hand - she didn't even introduce herself..

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