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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-01-28 - 2:12 a.m.

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sparing a dolphin babe

I had a nice little dream last night - it goes like this:

Me & 2 other guys were on the flight somehow from something or someone (not too close yet) on our tracks.

So we came to something like a sea. The only escape was to cross this sea where in far distance you could see the other side.

There was no boat or anything to cross it. So we had to swim. -
I doubted whether I could make that distance - & was also half aware that I couldn't swim (actually I can't swim in real life), but also remembered that in dreams I had before I could swim, so trusting my dream-ability I entered the water & noticed that me & my compagnons could swim really quick.

We were also hungry of our long flight & we had to find some food to keep our strength.

There were a lot of fish swimming around in the sea we were crossing & I tried to catch one with my hands. But I knew there was about no chance to get one.

A small little very cute dolphin crossed my swimming path & with any belief in suceeding I tried to grab him. - Surprisingly enough I got him, put him under my arm & wondered whether I still could swim on with only one free arm. - Well I could!

We reached the beach on the other side, where we were safe from our pursuers & we wanted to prepare the little dolphin for a meal.

Hmm - but slaughtering this cute little dolphin for satisfying our appetite? - I didn't like the idea - so quickly decided I turned & threw my dolphin back to the sea where he landed a meter from the water, from where he quickly reached the sea, not without turning back to me & waving happily thankful with one of his brest fins to me before he dived back in the sea.

My hungry fellows were angry about me, that I had thrown our meal back to the sea & argued, that there were much too much dolphins around, who where eating all the fishes in the sea we could otherwise catch there. & we needed the food to survive. - I counterwise argued, that while swimming with the dolphin I got befriended with him & we had real communcation. But they didn't believe me. Apparently these ignorant guys hadn't even seen him waving back to me, after I've thrown him back to the sea..

Maybe their reasoning was right but I just couldn't kill this nice little fellow!

Anyway - who needs food in a dream? - But my fellows apparently didn't know that I dreamed them - so after all it was my fault dreaming them so hungry..

Edit: But on the other hand: I don't feel responsible for the figures in my dream - they're just a reflection of some weird people I met in real life.

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