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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-04 - 5:52 a.m.

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first time in life - or 'eggs vs. balls'

wow - this was the first time in my life! - Such a thing never happened to me ever before, not in my xx year's long life experience. -

No I won't tell you my age anymore, because then you'll think that I'm 'that' old, which of course I am not - anyway I'm pretty sure, that I'm older than you my average reader - but not older than you my upper percent average reader, who's already 'that' old.

But what happened?

Just because I got hungry late in the evening sitting addicted on my internet & stuff like that & so thought about misusing my small kitchen - that seldom sees me cooking there (it's all wasted time) for a small late night snack - scrambled eggs with roasted ham & some sliced tomatoes with really hot chilly on double toasted dark rye German bread was my idea - which needs about 5 minutes, just the maximum of time I'd like to waste in the kitchen area.

My idea of kitchen is, that she (is kitchen female?) just prepares the meals by herself & then spits out the delicate, tasty & precious menus 'just in time' to me.

Maybe I would love cooking if it would be a one-times-only job - I create a new kind of meal & that it re-creates itself just after my recipe.

But I don't like to repeat myself in cooking, cleaning & this tedious stuff. (This shows how real creative I am!)

Anyway - inside the kitchen I heated some olive oil in the pan - put the slice of bread in toaster, roastet the pieces of a slice of ham in the pan & wanted to break the egg over it. But then noticed, that there weren't any eggs anymore left in my fridge.

Hm - but there must be - I knew there still had to be some eggs left in the package I had used some days before..

aah I had forgotten to put them back in the fridge the day before, & there where still 2 eggs left in it.

I decided to take only one & broke it over the already crusty baked ham pieces - but then totally surprised noticed that there where 2 eggs in the pan. Two eggs? -

At one I realized that this had been a twin egg, an egg with 2 yolks. - It was like a miracle happening. I never in my life had an egg with 2 yolks before. - Did you ever had? - Of course not!

You see that I'm the elected person that had the egg with 2 yolks. You know what that means. - That make me real superior to you. - This is an occasion you - if ever - get only once in your life.

I thought at once to grab my digi-cam & get a foto of it, but then got aware that it looked exactly the same, like there were 2 eggs in the pan & anyway: it was time to scramble them & mix them with the tomatos & chilly.

& scrambled they didn't look that impressive anymore.

But I'm aware that now I got the power of the 2 yolks inside me. - It even made me write 2 entrys tonight (but I didn't publish them the same the same day) - a thing I never do -

So let's see whether the power of the 2 yolks will totally change my life. Will I get everything twice in future? - Of course only the really lucky things of life. - I'll keep you informed..


as to 2 eggs: I once saw a street juggler here in Nuremberg in the "Breite Gasse" - he juggled with 3 balls & told the audience 'in english' : "Now I got 3 balls jumping (or juggling?) - then he jumped himself still juggling these 3 balls and said:"Now I got 5 balls jumping" - About no-one but me of the audience understood his little joke.

Because the name for testicles - in english in familar talk are called 'balls' or 'nuts' are in German called 'eggs'. - Yes eggs are very fragile!


When I've been in the states (Massachusetts) a long time ago I noticed that the shells of eggs are much harder thyn here in Germany - my American friend Ed Morgan (the Minstrel Singer) once noticed the same, when he came here - he said: "eggs are so fragile (breakable) here" -
maybe it has something to do with getting harder in the American pioneers time or our Europian decadence (or sensibility)..

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