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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-06 - 1:39 a.m.

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Today I bought some Danish beer 'Faxe' - let's see, whether I find other Danish products.

As to all this fuzz in the moslem world about this danish caricature, I was researching yesterday about that theme in the internet. Like I always do in times, when such worldwide political catastrophes & disasters happen, I research different newspapers in the web about that theme. of course but then also online newspapers of those countries involved of course. In this case I read Egypt, Danish, Iranian, Israelian newspapers too & also the website a jewish blogger in the USA I just by chance once saw having a comment in the dilbert blog directly over mine - He often writes about politics in relation to jewish life. - for such reason's he's a source of information & observations for me. - well one of many sources I'd like to watch.

When the Afghanistan war raged I also subscribed in the english version of the pakistani newspaper to see what is thought in that regions.

In the Egypt newspaper there was clear to see, that all this fuzz is agitated by the moslem religious institutions. One Imam was critizises by the arab liga, the moslem brothership & all such groups because his accusing of the Danish government was too moderate & liberal. - The extreme fanatic groups put those under pressure, who are not as extreme as they are - they got upset for his 'shamefully weak stance' & there is no escape in all the islamic world, like there was no escape in the dark ages when the christian crusaders raged & the witches were burnt, like in the Nazi time here, when everybody who didn't howl with the wolfpack had to flee or hide.

If it would not have been this caricatures, than it would sooner or later something else that would offend the eager to get offended extrem sides of Islam. The high explosives are ready to explode & it doesn't matter anymore, which spark does start the lute.

Of course I also was curious to see these 'offending' caricatures & of course easliy enough I found them in the web. - Well they seemed harmless if they would be Osama bin Laden cartoons, which exist in the millions & the one with Mohammed at heaven's gate remembered to all the millions of Petrus (St. Peter) jokes & cartoons.

Anyway I don't like mocking over religions either, be it Jesus or other religious idols. (Ok when I was 25 I once wrote a mocking story about Buddha etc. which was more satirical about strange kind of disciples trying to believe in what esotherical nonsense whatever - well I wouldn't write such stuff today anymore & am glad that Buddhists are not so fanatac as to send me killer commands) - & also I wouldn't publish this dangerious stuff anymore, not because I believe it's wrong, no only because I would fear the high responsibility, that by my publishing maybe some Europeans who live in those fundamentalistic arabic states get killed by rioting religious fanatics.

In South Africa they gave in to a request by a Muslim group to bar publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad ..

"Freedom to decide what gets into the publication has been taken away from the editor and put on the shoulders of the court" (SANEF Chairman Joe Thloloe)

& I really don't like the idea that our media get controlled & censored by government - we are not a totalitary system yet.

As to cartoons - Do you know how much anti-jewish really mean & discriminating cartoons (resembling those of the Nazis once here in Germany in 'Streicher' etc.) were printed in the arab press in the last 50 years? - There should be peaceful demonstrations against that!

It's the high intolerance against other religions & ways of thinking in these archaic countries that makes them so over-sensitive to getting insulted.

I citate from Howard's blog:
"To me the word "appeasement" has always been symbolized by the history of Chamberlain and Hitler - giving in and surrendering to tyrants in the false hope of bringing about "peace in our time". Appeasement was a voluntary reaction based on hope....and fear."

Of course Muslims have the right to demonstrate or write or talk against these cartoons, like any Christian or Jew is free to do, if he feels his beliefs insulted. - But you shouldn't threat or violate & attack embassies - it's not a states affair.

It's not the cartoons - it's the difference of a society where church & government are separate & a society where the government & religion are a union & as stronger & more selfcontent these religious ruled countries get, the more trouble will arise in the confrontation to the west. Just because we westerns don't live under Qurans rules. so it should be our deepest interest to avoid those uncontrollable Allah warriors to get A-Bombs. It's the same interest, the western 'free' world once had, when they tried to prevent Hitler from getting stronger mass destruction weapons, because the wester world knew he would use them as soon as he'd had got them.

This Iranian president Ahmadinejad is about as uncontrollable & dangerious as Hitler. He wants to wipe out Israel & I believe, that if he gets the possibility he would try to do so. - So just don't try to appease Ahmadinejad!

EDIT (yes I added this later):

I also had a dream tonight about that theme. In this dream I was visiting a friend & because she wanted to see them I brought with me these 'forbidden pictures of Mohammad' (believe me I'm not resposible for my dreams) on a disk - Later on - her room was in that time something like a business men conference room - she started a diashow on her computer - but somehow these 'offending' pictures I had brought her mixed in with her regular fotos & there was a beamer connected to her computer who by chance projected this pictures out of her window to the placard wall on the other side of the street & it looked like these Mohammed cartoon projections were on that wall to be seen for all the public - I quickly told her to stop at once the dia-show & close down the PC, because we didn't wanted to get into trouble. -

But somehow too late - on the big conference table in front of the table there were a lot of business man sitting around, waiting for the conference to start & somhow they got aroused (by these pictures) that most of them had guns in their hands & started to shoot at each other. My friend had just shut down the PC & I shouted to her - waiting at the exit door to run 'stooped' over to me & flee with me, which luckily she succeeded to do. Those business men were still shooting at each other & I think no-one of them survived. Only me & my friend hardly escaped. - You see how dangerious it is even in a dream to watch 'Mohammed' cartoons. Is this the 'radical muslim brotherhood dreamcontrol' regulation? - Hmm!

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