from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-10 - 4:39 a.m.

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unquoted dream anarchy

In my last entry I had in the title the word 'stupidity' (in German 'Dummheit')- While writing it I had my doubts whether the word stupidity was a correct English word at all, but was too lazy to research it in my dictionary.

Of course it's stupid to use a wrong word if you write about stupidity. That's like mocking about those who have awful grammar & misspell words, but make horrible mistakes in your writing too.

But anyway I have a good excuse: English is not my native language

Recently I heard a woman quoting Albert Einstein:
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
- She quoted it mockingly in a context to people she knew & whose behaviour she thought stupid.

But while she told me how stupid they were, I doubted whether she or them were stupid in that case.

So I'm careful quoting this Einstein sentence in such cases - this could turn back to me (Der Schuss könnte nach hinten losgehen).

On the other hand- it's a good sentence to read & quote & probably everybody (as dull as he may be) who reads it feels superior to someone else & feels insulted if attacked with it - at least everybody who understand subordinant clauses..

But another theme: - There seems to be an inflation to the true-ness & relyability of dreams:

So in this dream I started a new job & the principal there shew me the big office room in which I were to work in future. - I thought I could chose on my own & decided for a free desk in a nice position there.

Short while after I've taken seat there, the principal came back & told me that my place was in another part of the office. He wanted to show me where.

I grabbed my things, my bag, my coat, my shawl, my jacket, some things out of my bag & couldn't manage to get them all at once. - I had to follow him, but didn't wanted to leave some of my posessions behind.

Then I remembered that I had dreamt before, that I wanted to go somewhere & had problems to pick up all things I needed or wanted to take with me - & so got aware, that I was dreaming.

so knowing this is only a dream I knew, that I didn't had to care about these things anymore. - I just dropped them, emptied my bag with a lot of things to the the ground in a real anarchistic mood. I didn't had to care anymore about any dream rules or principals in a dream who wanted me to follow me & work for them, coz I got aware, they're not real!

So instead I left the office & saw a sparely clothed woman sitting at the door. & I did what in real life I never would do, but knowing she was only a scheme in my dream - I just went to her, toucher her, layed my hands around her, touched her breasts, caressed her ass & she was quickly responding to me - so the scene got highly erotic. But in that moment I awoke (still with an erection)..

But later on I reflected about that dreamt:
I don't want to get it standard, that in dreams I am aware that I dream, because by then I don't have any telling, symbolic, nice & mysterious dreams anymore. - Being aware that I dream I won't take them serious anymore - I'll think that I'can do what I want in my dreams & become a real dream anarchist.

But if reality breaks in dreams, then maybe one day the dreamworld revenges & breaks into my reality. Then once maybe I will destry things, hurt people, jump out of the window, because I still think I'm in a dream. - These levels of life shouldn't mix or interfer with each other.

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