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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-12 - 4:10 a.m.

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one little joke of history..


Some entrys ago I wrote : Buy Danish products, but after newer informations I just found in the internet I add here too: "Buy Israelian products" - I'll tell you why.

This is on of the 'Treppenhauswitze' of history - means the facts give this 'Danish Mohammed cartoons - Muslims offended mayhem' a very ironic taste.

From all European countries it were Denmark & Norway the leading ones to boycott Israelian goods, because the public politic opinion there tended more to approve to the Palestinians case.

& now just these countries getting boycotted by most of islamic states - hey that's a joke of history.

Anyway for the theocratic government of Iran it's all the same, of course they blame Israel (Zionists) for the Danish cartoons (?!?)- I also found this cartoon somewhere in arabic newspapers:

Meanwhile I read, that most of European countries had in one or other way printed some of these cartoons in their media - even 3 magazines in islamic states, as in Yemen, Indonesia etc. - in Yemen just to show, what about they are offended of. - Hmm - Yemen government forced this magazine to close down (But they just wanted to show, what they were embarrassed about & meanwhile all these pictures are spread all over the internet, because everybody wants to see the cause of offending (even a lot of Muslims of course)).

& another joke in this strange arousement was, that Imam Abu Labon of Denmark told the television station al-Jazeera that he was happy about the Muslim boycott. Later the same day, he said to Danish television staion TV2 that he would urge Muslims to stop the boycott immediately.

Arg - what a double-tongued hypocryte!

& even worse - there was a report in Danish tv about some fake Mohammad cartoons, that were much worse than the origins published in this Danish newspaper, that Imam Abu Ladan (or Labon), leader of the Islamic Society of Denmark, took with him on his tour to the middle east to show how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark was against Muslims.

But these pictures he took with him were never published in Denmark press. & I really wonder how he could keep Mohammad cartoons & take them with him & even show it to other Imams, just to show how offending they are, if the are totally forbidden by his religion - it's like the porn hunter owing porn materials - where's the difference.

the origin of this picture was an pig farmers contest in France, where some farmers disguised in pigs masks won prices for the best mask (just like the potato queen in Colorado or other provincial folklore stuff) - this picture was just blackend probably by some photo software, to look like a cartoon drawing..

Did this Imam himself do it? - It's an old receipt to start an acceptable war: to secretly light the slow match to the trouble & later blame the explosion to the other side..

The Danish prime minister, Anders Rasmussen after this revealment reacted promptly in dismissing double-tongued Imam Abu Ladan from further involvement in question of integration of foreigners in the country. -

No one needs an supporter who behind your back tries to burn the house down!

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