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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-14 - 3:04 a.m.

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Cut off from reading..

this was one of the days, when I'd better had stayed at home. -

I came very (yes very very) late yesterday to bed (Saturday night of course) - & all I'd preferred was a lazy, drowsy Sunday, totally undisturbed by intruders or social plights.

But there were - I had promised my old parents to visit them today - I hadn't been there for about 2 months (because I was ill about Christmas time etc. etc.) - yes for me in most cases it's enough if we talk by telephone

They live 16 km from here, Nuremberg in Schwabach, my little provincial hometown which I never missed after I'd had left it.

From time to time I visit them & if it's only for some hours & only about 1 times per month than it's alright with - often they urge me to stay over night, but that would get tedious. - I' always glad to be back in my own realm again.

So I went there by train & as usual in trains I read a book on the short trip.

Later at my parents home I needed my glasses to read something, couldn't find them in my bagpack, but could find only those I use when I sit at the computer'nt find them.

Since 2 years I have a second pair of glasses (much stronger than my first one), that I need to read books. Without this new glasses I can only read books or papers with really big letters. - This means I'm lost without my glasses.

They weren't in my backpack, which I searched over & over again. - Then we looked in my father's car. Maybe they had dropped out, while my father had picked me up from the small Schwabach station. - But no - they weren't in the car.

Last time that I wore them was in the train, doing my notorious book read. - At the station I had quickly put the glasses in it's case pushed book & glasses into my back, rushed out the train. - & well very probably there the glasses case had dropped of the rucksack back to the seat. If it would have to ground I would have heard the clattering noise.

This glasses had costed cost about 150 Euro, they very special thin, didn't mirror-reflect & had a nice oval gilded wire frame. - They were special, they were mine & now they'r gone! -

Part of the evening was spoiled for my anger about the loss. - It's always tedious to get a new on, go to optician & waiting some days, till I get them & probably they'll cost about 200 Euro by now.

The chances that I get them back by an honest finder are poor. - When I drove back late in the evening I asked the conductor how I could get back my glasses if ever they were found. - He said I should ask at the 'lost property office' of Nuremberg.

But I told him, that the train was on the way to Munich & he agreed it could also be in the 'lost property office' of Munich or Augsburg or any town, where this train drove to.

I guess there is a lot of things lost in German trains every day, & a lot of these valuables are probably not stolen, but found & given to some depots the railway company. - I heard they make auctions with this found valuables & probably gain a lot of money by this - but there ist not much support if you lose something inside a train.

They just shrug their shoulders & say: it could be here - it could be there. - When some years ago I forgot my favourite nice & fine leather jacket in the train & next day asked the DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn) information, how I could get it back, the guy on the hotline just laughed (in a way like like the other one shrugged his shoulders) & said something like '..poor chance to get it back .. it probably had already found a new fan (owner).

Probably DB needs the gains of sold 'lost' values to survive in these hard times, when most trains are half empty, because individual car drivers spoil their profits - but well as usual I'm wildly speculating.

I gotta find out where are the next DB auctions in future!

My mother gave me some old glasses till I get me some new glasses or get my lost glasses back. - They are not as sharp as the lost ones, but for some days they may help. - But they are so ugly! - I never saw such ugly glasses before in the context, that I should wear them. & for sure I won't wear them in the public. - But alone at home, when all doors are locked & no-one sees me I maybe use them. (But they are so ugly).

It's Murphy's law - you know if something bad happens, there's still more in the bucket of trouble - "Ein Unglück kommt selten allein".
(I give you the words to translate: Ein = 'a' - Unglück = 'misfortune' - kommt = 'comes' - selten = 'seldom' - allein = 'alone') - When I came home late around midnight & wanted to call a friend to make an appointment for tomorrow, I noticed, that I had forgotten my precious notebook with all my telephone numbers, passwords etc. at my parents. (I made a note in my mind, to never take it out of my house again & to copy all it's contents) - I shouldn't had left home today - I knew it when I woke up & you see how dangerious it is to fulfill plights! - You'll totally lose clear sight!

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