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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-18 - 4:13 a.m.

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avoiding racist cookies

I just read in news in some corner of internet that because of the Mohammad cartoon in that Danish paper, in Iran 'Danish pastries' are now called 'Roses of the Prophet Muhammad' -

That remembers me to the hate campaign of some American patriots against France & Germany (the weasels) in the time when Bush government & the union of the willing warmongers started the Irak war. - There were campaigns in the USA to call 'French fries", 'freedom cries' & 'French toast' now "patriot toast".

Did they do that since history of mankind startet, to rename things if they remember you to the nation you get in trouble, war or if patriotism & nationalism (often so close together) arouse the angry idiots of a nation?

There was a protest by the muslim religious leaders in Danmark last year, because there were 'old-fashioned' cookies named something like 'jewish cookies' - these Danish muslims felt offended by the name.

"Because that had an effect to the sales, the head of the public food consumer department said that the Muslim refusal to buy the cookies could have an effect on sales. - He added that changing the product name was a possibility, as had in the past been done with the 'Negroes kiss' cakes, which were rebranded with a more neutral name."

But as we all see: the name 'negro kisses ' insulted a race.
& forbidding this name had the goal to stop this insult.

But the name 'Jewish cookies' didn't insult Jews - it was over-religious Muslims who got insulted because they are racists against Jews & didn't like to by anything remembered to Jews.

To give in to their insulted feelings means giving in to racists.

Maybe Hitler also felt insulted be the existence of Jews with the result: 'Please remove everything that's remembering to Jews! - I feel so offended'

I believe that free people should always & ever be offensive to those racist fuckers!


In other news:

Muslim institute in Germany dares Iranian leader to visit Auschwitz-
see here to read more about it:


but another more important article I found today about the way that this artificial aroused Mohammed cartoons Jihad took from Danmark to Syria & from there spread all over islamic fundamentalisic's ravers world.

backgrounds to cartoon jihad

- Oohm - I hope I don't get over-politic these days - because, as we all know - politics are dirty - not because it's dirty it origin, but always gets perverted by the political power mongers of any & every country I know of.

& we all know that beautiful dreamland's paradize doesn't even exist - so why not start creating it?

I try to remember what words remembering to other nations here in Germany exist:

There is a name for a cooky (why always cookies?) with the size of about 15 centimeters & having on the downside a half white sugar glas & on the other half black chocolate cover - they were delicious & bought them about every day after school, because that bakery was just in front of my school & I could afford them (about 10 cents) with my low monthly educating money amount from my parents..

& well now that I am describing it I for the first time in my life get aware that this name for this cooky was probably given by the impression that some cooky bakers got in the early 50th, after the American issue had freed Germany from Hitler, but still occupied Germany. - Some part of the American army was black & another part white - for these 40ieth or 50iet years bakers probably a totally new impression - that was the reason why they gave this name to this cooky..

I hope there will never ever be war between France & Germany because I fear what they'l call then 'rubbers' (condoms') afterwards. 'Rubbers' here are called (fam.) 'Pariser' (Parisians) - but if there would be a state of war, they will probably call them 'Berlinian freedom (or 'defense') fighters' or stupid stuff like that..

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