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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-19 - 3:04 a.m.

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she was the only one..

I was invited to a Angie's birthday - I know her since my youth.

Recently (no of course since long time) she had problems with alcohol - so at her birthday she was in the state of fighting her heavy alcohol addiction.

So of course her birthday was without alcohol - everybody knew & was alert - no-one brought these obligatory bottles of wine or champagne as present. - We drank juices & water & there's been a nice buffet. -

There were about 15 people present, some of them I knew before, most of them not. - But anyway I had some nice conversations & met a girl who wrote short storys - she gave me a copy later on. -

But also of course me & probably a lot of the guest would have liked to have some beverage of a glass of wine (or two). - Yes we were very caring to not temptate her.

Later in the evening I noticed that A. was often in the kitchen & in the bathroom - I watched her getting more funny & excited, just like I used to know her since long time, when she was drinking a lot.

Yes & indeed I found out, that she had been drinking all evening long from her secrect alc stores in her different hideaways, while we good friends stayed all sober in respect for her.

Well it was her birthday not ours..

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