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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-27 - 3:38 a.m.

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finally the seed is growing..

Last weekend I was visiting Chiara & her mother or should I say Sandra & her daughter to bring Chiara her birthday present 'the Royal Carriage' & her mother her birthday present (a golden 'Gustav Klimt' art cup) - Sandra's birthday was last October & it's about last September that I've been last there.

I hope I don't lose contact with them, since they live now so far away. - No I won't - my dear little Chiara (now 8 years old) gets regularly her birthday presents which I chose usually very carefully - I want to be good influence to her & protect her from gettin lost 'gettin' o the wrong way' - you got the picture? - Of course it's hard to be the good influence if you'r so far away.

When I gave her for her birthday 2 years ago (she was just six) these fairytale books (Grimms Märchen & Anderson's Märchen) - of course she was not reading them - One time I read one of the tales to her, while she went to bed & I asked her mother to read sometimes for bedtime one of the fairytales to her, but this about never happened. - Even as she was with 7 years old & able to read herself - TV & Video & PC-games & Nintendo & gameboy seemed to be much more interesting..

Was there any sense to give her further on educational presents? - I doubted it..

But much to my surprise when I visited them this time, Chiara told me totally enthusiastic about the fairytale books. - She actually was reading them & could tell me about most of the contents of both books. She told me parts of some of the tales & like me she prefered Anderson's fairytales to the Grimm's fairytales. Her prefered fairytale was 'The Seven Swans' - which was also my fave one.

Later when she went to bed she asked me to sit at her bed, because she wanted to read one of the tales to me. - Well it needed about 5 minutes for her to chose, which one she wanted to read & I had to agree with everone she chose, but then again & again she decided against it, because there still was something better - & at last she decided for 'Der Wolf und die sieben Geisslein' (literal: 'the wolf and the seven little goats' but in english: 'the wolf and the seven kids' )

She was reading the story to me while I looked sometimes over her shoulder to see the pictures & sometimes she stumbled over the words & gave her a little correction & when she was half through she told me, she would read the rest of the story later on - she would call me then. - So I walked back to the living room, knowing she wouldn't call me back again this evening, because she was about going to sleep.

& if you dear reader are about to go to bed & need a little half read fairytale visit this site:

7 kids

So good night little Chiara - keep in mind to always hide in the tall clock if the bad wolf comes & later tell your mother what had happened.

on the other hand: as wise as this advice seems - there aren't these tall clocks anymore in real life where you can hide from the fake wolves of life - but well we have substitutes meanwhile..

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