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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-03-05 - 3:29 a.m.

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the umbrella bargain

as much as I like buying fancy stuff & things that satisfy my needs & greeds, I don't like to buy clothes just because I need them. - I only like to buy clothes in a way of pleasure - that I see them in some clothes shop just by chance & fall in love with 'em at once & quickly decided buy - & of course it has to be exactly my size.

But I hate to go with the intention in some clothes shops to buy new winter trousers, because I need it & of course in all the warehouse there is no trouser that fits my taste & if so it has the wrong size & is not available in my size.

So these days I tried to fulfill the tedious plight to get me new trousers & went after visiting my opician for my new glasses, which will be done about next Friday, to the clothes shop C & A -

my eye got cought by some nice t-shirts near the entrance - I couldn't resist to chose 5 of them, different colors, different designs - I like to have t-shirts for any mood. - on the way to the cash desk I grabbed some boxer shorts, 3 pairs of socks & was already too exhausted & bugged to still look for my orgin goal of trousers.

I stood in line at the cash point & I watched an olderly couple in front of me. - He also had a shirt (in some dark color maybe olive) in his hands & also an umbrella, because outside it was heavily snowing with very wet snow flakes. - He took a last glance at the shirt, before he reached the cash desk & saw some dark stains on front of the shirt. - He showed it to his wife: "What is this?" - His wife said: "It's only wet from the umbrella" - He said: "I'll show it to the vendor girl to make sure" - so he did. - But when he showed the stains to the vendor he wasn't talking anymore about the wet umbrella, he had had in the same had with the shirt. - The vendor girl looked at the stains, called the manager, who agreed that the shirt was sold 10 percent cheaper than it's origin price.

Next time I buy at C&A I'll make sure to have an umbrella with me & it must be a rainy day..

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