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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-03-14 - 2:50 a.m.

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I'm so exhausted in the moment, since an old pal but not close friend just called me & was talking on & on & repeated - oh so often - the same what he had already told me recently & sometimes I tried to stop him with 'you already have told me that' - but that hardly stopped him - Sometimes I succeeded to change the theme for a while to for me more pleasent realms of conversation, - but he was so insisting - I noticed myself thinking, well chanting only "please stop talking" -

How could I quit the conversation after more than 20 minutes? - I said: "I have something on the oven cooking - I have to quit, call you back in 5 minutes."

20 minutes later I called him back (because I promised) just for some last few words in the evening & to finish our started theme & while he was again talking endlessly & it lasted & lasted - & afterwards I felt like all creative energy has left me - I had wanted to write something - but somehow I had lost my words.

He's a nice pal, but not too close too me & I shouldn't allow him in future to take away from me about 90 minutes of my precious time in the late evening( because this is my very private time, like my bed is a very private place), when what interested me in our conversation lasted only 20 minutes. - I have better things to do..

I still don't have my new glasses since I lost my glasses 4 weeks ago - the new ones should have been finishish last friday, but they wrote me a card that it needs some days longer - could you imagine 4 week without being able to read newspapers or books? - My Mr. Norrel & Mr. Strange still is waiting to be finished - my daily learning lesson in French with my French learning calendar lies unconcontinued on my table & I have problems in my work to read the id cards & fill out the forms if someone new wants to announce in our driver school.

At least I have no problems yet to read in the internet. - I hope this week makes me book-read-able again.

Imagine people having never read a single book in all their life - they live everywhere around us & for sure they don't have problems with their eyes.

so after the long call with ..

I switched on tv late in the evening & switched to an Indian film where they were talking english (with German subtitles) - I alway like cultural & historical stuff - I want to know how other people, nations on our planet live & am ever hungry for historical background of our present world - it's a big puzzle & want to find every piece of it & put it on the right place in right context of human's race issues.

By the way - the most funny english spoken is the English from India - it's so funny!

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