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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-03-15 - 2:18 a.m.

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odging for odge..

Aah - I like odge!

If I write my "English spoken" diary or read English books - still sometimes I have to look in my dictionary to find a special word. - Since I lost my glasses & my new glasses are not yet done - I neither can't read books anymore nor take a quick glance at my dictionary to search for a word's translation - of course I can do with my magnifying glass - but that's tedious too.

so recently I searched for a nice, quick to use German - English & English - German translation program in the internet. - The first I found was odge - yes it's -

It's nice & quick & not too overloaded with functions - the most comfortable thing is, that in the same form field you can put either an English or German word & get at once all it's translations. - So usually when I write in English & am already online (which I'm in most case all time since I have DSL flatrate), I usually have the odge dictionary open in a second browser (e.g firefox) & it's much quicker than blättern (wait I look in odge what's blättern - ah it's browse)
in my thick old 1000 paged dictionary.

I just odged 'odge' just by chance - but there were no matches - so it means nothing in special, but meanwhile a lot to me..

(That reminds me: I never googled google for google - will it there be on place one? - I'll find out!)

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