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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-03-27 - 7:21 a.m.

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really cool - but I really wonder!

cool gesture

This evening when I was on my way to visit a friend in Fuerth (where Kissinger came from - u know it's 10 km from Nuremberg) I was standing at tram halt to wait for my tram.

There's nothing much to do while you're waitin for your train, bus or tram, than to stare at things around you - think about something & mainly just waste time with waiting.

Most time of life we waste with waiting, so probably that's the real meaning of life: "wait for something special to happen" - or work hard for something to get true in the end - but after all you can decide whether you use life to wait for the real thing to come or just enjoy the moment while it happens, even if it's waiting for a tram.

Yes & I saw inside one of the windows of the opposite building some movement - like someone dancing or doing gymnastics.. -

Did I ever tell you that I'm extremely curious? (Being curios that's how you'll get the facts of life)

hmm - I looked closer - this movement wasn't direct behind that window - but as I stood in an angle about 70 degree to the window, which means that I could look inside from sideways - I saw a black guy - in fact I saw only his arm & some part of his backside trying to throw up in a very cool way his cap from his hand to his arm (like it was dancing on his arm) & then push the cap with a quick move to let it fly directly on his head.

I stood there for about 10 minutes & I saw him all the time repeating this cool trick with his cap & of course it made me smile.

I hope he's getting perfect before acting that cool act on his next disco visit.

I wonder how much young women & men exercise their acting, their smile, their walk, their moves in front of a mirror before they go out on the wild side of life. - I really wonder..

I never in my life exercised my attitude in front of a mirror before posing in public (well I always deeply believed in my ability of acting by my wild magic intuition in my youth - yes I was a cool cat by then - but that's been a long time ago..)

But even Einstein once showed a trick how he could turn his jacket from wearing it frontwards to wear it with the front to the back (or something like that) without taking it off. - I heard this story by an interview of an older actor who was in that early time in close relation with him (I heard that interview about 15 years ago) & this act was somehow done with lying on the floor moving one arm from one sleeve to the other & countrarywise - maybe for some people looking a bit funny..

This remembers me, that once I had a book with card tricks (totally magic of course) & really got intrigued by that & yes - I exercised some of them for a while -

I could entertain with about 5 or 7 card trick which totally flabbergasted my audience. - Meanwhile I have forgotten them all but one meanwhile. & for this one I have to exercise again before I can show off with that.

But these little card tricks were the only things I exercised before going to the public.

& I really really wonder, whether all other peoply maybe study, train & exercise their behaviour a thousand times at home in front of a mirror before acting in public.

How can such a naive & unexercized person like me win in the contest of daily life where other people exercise secretly in front of their mirrors.

Maybe I'm just another guy who lives in a virtual surounding, filled with actors & sceneries, who just gets secretly filmed to entertain millions of people.

You saw that film?

Yes I should try to find the small door in the background of the scenery to exit this unreal life & hope I find the real people behind there - who just act like they are..

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