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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-04-16 - 6:13 a.m.

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just mean by spite

just to mention:

a friend of mine once told me while her older brother was in jail (something with drugs) that once, while she was visiting him, she wanted to give him some small money for cigarettes or something - no bigger amounts were allowed - but she couldn't hand it over personally, but had to pass it over to one of the officials there. - She passed him a 5-DM (Deutsche Mark) coin, but this guard refused to take it. - They had recently changed the design of the 5-DM pieces & by then the new ones & still the old ones were still in use (Every shop keeper knew that). - He refused to accept the new coins, doubting they were real money & my friend didn't had other small money with her. - Of course he knew - he was just stubbornly preventing her gift by spite.

Some time later she wrote him a letter & she added 2 stamps within her letter, that he could afford to answer her.

But in this prison it was only allowed to receive one stamp per mail (what fuckards make those rules?) -

So this over-correct official sent her the second, not allowed, stamp back inside a letter that told, that it wasn't allowed to send 2 stamps at once.

& of course he used the second stamp on the envelope to send the other stamp back. - & of course her brother didn't get none of the stamps. -

How perverted is that?

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