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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-04-17 - 7:34 a.m.

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Mad dogs not allowed!

Today I read in the news, that Iranians president Ahmadinejad in the issue of his pursuit of a uranium-enriched program in odds to U.S. & European governments now threatens the world, especially US in Irak & of course Israel with about 40.000 well apprenticed suicide bombers.
Being highly anti-semitic he always threatens Israel, whatever happens in the world, be it the Danish cartoons or just bad weather - it's all fault of the Jews & especially Israel, which he wants to wipe out.

What a mad dog he must be to train 40.000 suicide bombers - that's worse than Hussein's dictatorship & of course Ahmadinejad sympathizes with the anti-jewish Nazi-groups in Europe. The enemies of his enemies must be his friends.

We all know about suicide bomber in Israel, also in Irak meanwhile but training 40.000 officially in big country like Iran, that's quite another dimension. - They may have problems to enter Israel, but the borders to Irak is wide open to let these terrorist cells float like bad semen to Irak, - not that Irak has not enough trouble yet with terrorgroups, sectarians, militia, hostage-takers & all kind of religious fanatics & crime adventurers who overfloat the country.

Imagine: training 40.000 suiciders - that's totally sick - what's the difference of these to the minds of those Al Quaida Terrorists who flew planes in the the N.Y Trade Centre on 11/9 - & remember all those 100.000s of soldiers Khomeini sent for that insane war to die as martyrs for nothing at all.

Let's stop mad dog Ahmadinejad & let's hope that one of his trained suiciders gets the right idea to embrace Ahmadinejad deeply while pulling the trigger.

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