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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-05-07 - 3:40 a.m.

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dead or alive?

It seem's I'm a criminal - so be aware of me! - Today my friend Sandra told me that all over town in Wiesentheid, a small German town in Unterfranken (there are 3 parts of Franken (the small rest of the once big Empire of Charlemagne - you know Frankreich (= France) + Franken in the North of Bavaria - see me entry of Charlemagnes Kingdom), Oberfranken, Mittelfranken (where I live) & Unterfranken (Ober = Upper - Unter = Lower & u can guess that Mittel = middle)) - well Sandra told me that all over Wiesentheid are 'wanted posters' with my face on it. - Hanging on trees & walls.

I should deeply avoid Wiesentheid in future! (Will they hang me on a tree or to a wall?)

But it was her who printed & placed those 'wanted posters' & it was not me who is searched so urgent, but her little cat Lisa, which didn't come back since Tuesday & the only picture she could find of her Lisa was that one, where I hold her in my arms - see here:

But on this picture you see much more of me than of Lisa.

For some translation purpose: 'getigert' = tiger striped - 'Katze' = cat - 'entlaufen = eloped - 'weiblich' = female - 'mit' = with - grünem' = green - 'Halsband' = necklace - 'in' = in - 'der' = the - 'Bahnhof' = station - 'seit' = since - '02.05.06' = '05.02.06 (yes we write the day first, then the month, then the year - ain't that logical?) - 'Finderlohn' = reward (Finder = finder - Lohn = wage) - so the wage of the finder) - 'oder' = or - after this short German lesson you probably speak perfectly German, don't you think so? - Well I don't!

Sandra asked me to visit her in about 14 days to help her build her new website (I'm webmaster in some cases - & I know how to html, javascript & flash things if my customer knows what he wants..) & hope, that they won't hunt me down there for that high reward they figure to get for my head ..

PS: See her Lisa's little cat kids in Chiara's arms somewhere on my older entry:
Lisas kitties

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