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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-05-21 - 4:14 a.m.

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so Saturday today was nice somehow in some parts but a bit tedious too.

My grandma had birthday today - she's now 105 years old - yes she got older than Queen Mum Elizabeth ..

that's a foto of her from last year:

- she lives since some years with my parents (my dad being 83 years & my ma age 85) - so in the morning a lot of neighbours & aquaintances came for congratulations - I had wanted to came in mid-afternoon, but my mother had urged me the evening before, to come earlier (I hate it being urged) - but I did her the favour - my uncle Edmund & his son Udo (now about 40 - last time I saw him he was about 5) from Northern Germany near Hamburg were also there - you sit there - you chat along - you eat & drink - small groups - nod here - smile there - my older brother from Stuttgart left about 4 p.m. - I wasn't in a much talkative mood, cos I had slept only a view hours the night before. - & of course in such a mood you don't have much to say to people you hardly know

Luckily my nephew André came over - we thought he was still in France, where he was for the last 2 weeks for a project - his heart was overfoaming to tell & I was a patient & glad listener to him - means I was also curious & I always know the right question to make him tell on & on - but later on he also got tedious, because it's hard to stop him talking, once he's aroused - I tried to put in some arguments, suggestions, opinions - but it was hard to find a moment where I could place my view - & sometimes, while talking I had the feeling that he was hardly listening - so full of himself - please dear nephew - you need a lesson in listening, because you'll lose contact & relation to persons you only talk to but never listen to..

At least he wanted to leave early & he offered me to take me back to Nuremberg with his car (twas about 8 p.m.) & gladly I accepted - I had already more than enough (& more than I needed) hours spent with my family -

Minutes later after I've arrived over-glad to be back home to just relax from this tedious afternoon, the telephone was ringing. - It was my Iranian friend Ghasem with a loud background of voices like he was in pub or station or something. -

He told me that he'd lost his key & I should come over & give him his reserve keys he some months ago had given me.

I laughed & of course didn't believe his little joke & it needed some time for him to convince me, that he really needed his keys & of course by then I grabbed his keys, quickly left my flat & went over there.

Why didn't I believe him in the first moment was, that so often he made jokes (in his minds eye) by telling me lies - this & that happened & it wasn't true after all - like 2 weeks ago, when he called me, telling me that half of the fishes in his aquarium had died (I'm an aquaristic expert & he got that aquarium by my connections) - I at once prepared to come over & help him save him the last still surviving fishes, but in the last moment he stopped me, telling me it was just a joke - Iranian humour - he alway makes these kinds of 'jokes'

Well I was at his home a half hour later, he was waiting in front of
his house & he was so happy to be able to enter his home. -

Yes & he was also contrite about his kinds of strange little jokes he'd done recently to me.

He has trying to reach me by telephone for about 5 hours, waiting partly on the street, inside a washing saloon, a coffee house etc. & he was really freezing, cos he just came home from his sports training in light summer clothes, while we had really windy, rainy & cold day today with about 10 degree Celsius in the evening

He was lucky to get me that early in the evening, because if wouldn't have taken the lift my nephew had offered I would have been probably home at around midnight.

Later on he confessed that after he, very frustrated finally had got my on the phone - & he noticed that I didn't believe him, he really (a little bit) regretted all (part of) the little joke lies he'd done to me recently.

Remembers me to the story of the shepherd, who called just for fun to the peasents of the village: "Help, help - the wolves are coming!" - so the peasants took their weapons like clubs & pitchforks running to help him - the shepherd laughed & thought it a good joke - a time later there were really wolves coming & killing his sheep - he called again for help - but nobody came - they thought it was another one of his little jokes. - (my mother had told me this story when I was about 5 or 6 years old)

My friend Ghasem

I think Ghasem has learnt his lesson.. (me too)

PS: Later on he told me that he had lent his car to a friend who wanted to take his sick mother to Frankfurt (200 km from Nuremberg) - so he gave his car to his friend & noticed later on, that he had forgotten his jacket (including his house keys) inside his car. -
My friend Ghasem is very generous & gastfreundlich (hospitable) - that makes me forgive him the sometimes foolish things he does & he's a friend I really trust - even if he's the total contrary to me. - I mean: he's totally perverted interested in all kind of sports, being an Iranian wrestler & judge for wresting & me totally disinterested in any kind of sport & avoiding any sportive activities more than moving my fingers on a chess board or kneading a woman..

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