from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-05-26 - 12:49 a.m.

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with no direction home

in this dream I was in something like a jail house, where the prisoners were revolting & trying to escape - it was them, not me - I was just by chance between them & tried to survive & eventually escape - there were a vast amount of long corridors with thick walls around them - sometimes with openings closed with iron bars - so the main group of the prisoners ran to something that - by the light that came there in - seemed to be the exit - it opened to a big hallway but all it's big exit openings were still barren with iron bars. - When they were in there - some sensors alarmed some guards & they were shot at - so they had to flee back to the corridors & had no time to examine that place more closely.

I had been watching them from behind & later went also into this hall, trying to avoid the sensors. But I got in focus of one anyway & also quickly fled back in the labyrinth of rectangular corridors.

I noticed that the revolt was coming to an end, because there more & more guards in the corridors - encircling & pushing back the half escaped prisoners.

to draw not attention to me I stayed away from the masses (I have the same strategy in real life - in fact I hate the stupid behaviour of herdlike human race - I always have my own ways), I slipped into an unobserved side corridor, knowing I had still very short time to escape , before they would hunt me down.

so I oberved closely the sidewalls (like in an pc adventure) - there must be something - the corridor had about every 10 or 20 meters a glass wall from buttom to ceiling with widht about 50 cm - especially these I examined very carefull & finally I found one, who could be pushed to turn to an opening, a small hidden dark corridor, where I quickly slipped in. - Unfortunately 3 other prisoners were close by & saw me slipping in & so I couldn't prevent them coming with me.

It had to be quick done, because there was no time to lose to get away before the guards may also would detect this hidden exit.

This corridor really lead us outside the prison building to a platform for trains & luckily short after we arrived there a train was coming.
By entering that train I tried to get rid of 2 of the other refugees, because I knew they were something like Nazis - so while entering the train I ran some meters aside & took another entry to get into another waggon than them. (You see I avoid groups & especially Nazi-groups) - the 3rd escaped prisoner, a woman came with me (u no I love it if a woman comes with me)- & sat opposite me in a large section where also a lot of other people sat -

We arrived at the next station & I saw outside the windows that there were a lot of fire brigade & police cars waiting outside on the streets. Apparently they had built a ring around the prison & I hoped that they hadn't detected yet, that some few (we) had escaped) - of course we couldn't leave the train here, but should leave next station.

Meanwhile my female prisoner escape partner behaved a bit strange - it was something like she was talking to loud or did steal from people. She was sympathetic, but a bit crazy & I thought I should get away from her, because I felt endangered by her behaviour that would draw attention to us (see: not very groupish - better decide on my own) -so I got up & sat on a place in more distance to her & much closer to the next exit door.

But while we reached the next station I could have left - it would be safer outside than inside the train, where - if they'd already found out about our flight - they would control the train stations too - on the other hand it was also wise to reach as soon as possible the utmost long distance to the prison house & it would also spare me a long footwalk.

Hard decision - but like in real life I'm a gambler if I think I got good chances to make the game - So I didn't leave at the second station. - But this was maybe a mistake, because soon after the train had started I saw a conductor coming from front of the train & of course we didn't had tickets nor money to buy them with us. - The train was already too fast to jump of, so I slowly - to not raise attention - I got up & slowly walked to the back of the train, hoping the conductor wouldn't reach me before the next stop.

& I was relieved that just in time the train stopped again & I could leave. - Off the platform I looked back to see wether one of these other 3 escapees had also left the train, but saw none of them.

I was out on the streets then (I got aware it was somewhere in Berlin) & I still had a long way to walk - it seemed tedious & endless & while walking I got aware, that I had no idea where my home was & where I was going..

in that moment I woke up (& I was so glad to wake up in my homely bed in Nuremberg, not on an unknown street in Berlin)- 'twas very early in morning but I found this dream so interesting that - before I again fell to sleep I re-played this dreams about 2 times in my head, to keep it in my memory (that's a good receipt invented by me). - You see I succeeded, because the same evening (now) I still could write it down..

The funny thing is that this dream ended with 'no direction home' & the last thing I saw in tv the evening before was the about 3 hours long documentary film of Bob Dylan 'no direction home' - that perfectly fits!?

PS: Maybe I'll write about that documentary too, but not today anymore..

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