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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-01 - 3:02 a.m.

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Don't pray for ice cream

Today I read in an article of the New York Times about a river in New England that changed it's course during torrential rains and flooding, "leaving a 1.52-mile stretch of what was once river close to empty. Now, the patio of the restaurant that replaced the mill is overlooking two dams and some rocks, all bone-dry."

This article was telling the story with the background of a wedding that was supposed to be held outside an old lumber mill with a waterfall on this Suncook River serving as perfect backdrop.

But the river had just changed it's course leaving the pitoresque wedding place all dry & empty of all waterfall & river romantic.

The mother of the to-be husband had been afraid the week before, that the rain & bad weather would spoil the wedding - so had prayed all week long before the wedding for the water to go down, so the restaurant would not flood and the couple could marry near the waterfall.

"God must have misunderstood my prayer because the water did go down, all of it!" she said in an e-mail message. "There is no waterfall. There is no river! Just an empty riverbed. The reception hall was dry. Another example to be careful what you pray for!"

Hmm - I consider what millions of daily selfish prayers are sent to heaven - the farmers prays for rain, while the tourist asks for nice weather - please let things happen my way - please don't let me lose this - please let me gain this -
please make the world like it's comfortable for me - maybe others want to gain the thing I crave, maybe other's feel uncomfortable in the world I crave for - maybe things I pray for to happen are total disastrious for others

Imagine all wishes inside prayers fulfilled - argh - this old world would crumbel, tumble down to pieces in an utmost tohuwabohu within seconds - (see: someone wants the sun to be removed, while the other one wants the world to stand still - things like that..)

Thanks God I'm not God - I would have problems to answer & weigh all these prayers which one is true, which on is selfish, which one is desolated, which one is modest, which one fits my godish plans. -

I'm not blasphemious & don't want to mess with God's plans in answering prayers - but I think it's may a good answer to show a selfish prayer what will be the final & deep results if his prayer wish gets fulfilled. -

I don't want to drown in the rain I asked for but of course I think it quite modest to pray for rain if my harvest withers, but maybe not quite so modest if I want the rain to fill my pool to swim around.

So please keep your urging prayers in the right balance of a 'may' godly plan - hmm I about never pray - but if I would - I would pray careful & really wouldn't pray for ice cream..

Hmm - would I?

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