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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-02 - 3:12 a.m.

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Tribute to Riverbend

by chance while last february I was taking my daily route through google, wordlwide news, diarys, blog etc. I detected (maybe by a link from a link from another link recommended by a relative of an elsewhere link) a blog called 'bagdadburning' - written by an Iraqi girl (or woman) living in Baghdad writing under the pseudonym 'riverbend'- yes she still lives & suffers there.

She started writing that blog 3 years ago - January 2003 - short time after the B.A.S.W.F (Bush's American Selfrightious War Forces) had attacked & conquered Iraq.

Ok in a blog you always see the newest entry first - but soon after I started reading her - I got so intrigued by what she had to tell & got soon aware about the trueness & authenticy, that I started reading her archives from the beginning (& I spread the adress of her blog to those friends, good enough in English to be able to read it).

Well all what I had read or heard in the news by German or bbc sources etc. about the war & situation in Iraq was only the utmost surface of it. -

- Riverbend's tells much more the true story, the situation from the view of someone living in the center of all the terrible desastrious comedown of Iraq's civil population that's hopelessly involved in a witch's cauldron of living under & treatened by American occupation, Iranian sectarian influence, militias & other criminals of all kind of political, sectarian & criminal intents - right on the edge to an never-ending civil war (We in Germany had once a 30-year long religion war (dreissigjaehriger Krieg) which left the country all empty, ruined & devastated & I hope it won't last that long in Iraq).

The contrast to all this hopeless, endless desaster with no solution or light stripe on horizon in sight, where only people with high grades of insanity & ruthlessness rule - is the writer, 'riverbend', a sympathetic, eloquent, sound in mind, high educated young woman (She was once software developer & her English is much better than my Germanic English) living in this strange & deranged world.

- The wise & reasonable, the judicious, sensible & prudent people in this country have to hide from the barbarian ruling mob of military, sectarian fascists & criminals (who take their greedy ventage in these confused times).

If there would be only barbarians killing each other - who would care? - but by riverbends blog you'll get stunned & affected like you got when you read 'Anne Frank's diary' - This contrast of a thinking & sensible being inside a brutal world is the moving & hurting thing.

But see yourself:

Riverbend doesn't write too much anymore - her older entries were about daily - now they are one per week or month - but if they come they are still very essential - I mean she has told enough to give us a deeply insight insider view of what really happens there - deep in Iraq, deep in Baghdad.

I recommend to read riverbends blog backwards by the beginnings in the archives (I downloaded them all) - it's worth it - & you'll get quite another view of the true story of the issues of Bush's war campaign of innocent unawareness against the evil threat.

& I give Riverbend my best wishes to survive long enough to live once in a solid, peacefull & unenslaved new Iraq without American or Iranian occupation & without sectarian or other criminal gangs doing their mischief - just Peace there..

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