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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-05 - 2:02 a.m.

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the DNA of TV

While I was switching on my tv to see the daily news - (it was still about 10 minutes before they'd start) - I noticed they had already started - did my clock show the wrong time? - the newscaster looked somehow oldfashioned - I knew him, but hadn't seen him a long time in tv - something in the news he told seemed a bit strange to me, not old-fashioned - hmm but old - I got aware, that there was a date shown on top right of the screen - the date was June 04.1981 - they were repeating the news from 25 years ago - that was a much more peacefull & quiet time as much as I remember. (There were no wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorists & people hadn't deseases nor were dying in that time - as much as I can't remember) -

one of the news was, that the the sinking oil price was causing economical troubles - they showed a map with oil delivering countries like Mexico, Saudi-Arabia & 'Great Britain' - (really Great Britain had importance for oil because of its oil rigs in the Northern Sea) -

I wish I could hear such news nowadays - sinking oil prices causing problems - I would love those problems.

There was also in the news that Sadat of Egypt embraced Begin of Israel in a conference for peace. - Peace in Israel seemed to be much closer at hand than today as the ideologic frontlines got harder & harder.

Maybe soon they'll send news from some 1000 years ago of the time before Eve plucked that apple - peacefull times - but I don't think they had already tv invented - the DNA of TV was hidden inside that apple.

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