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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-06 - 4:56 a.m.

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I should write this in my diary

not to mention this little dream - it has no clear start & no clear ending - usually I only like to tell stories which come down to a point, a solution, a morallic or immoral ending, somehow pointy at least in my minds eye.

it was all about driving in a car to a far away place to a flat there (hmm why?) - I parked my car about 100 m away from the flat (hmm why not drive closer?) - I had to do something in that flat (repairing? - it wasn't my own flat) & I took some fixing material from that car with me which was a sticky tape that somehow enrolled while I walked to the flat with one ending fixed to the car. - At the house I noticed that I had no key to it & got aware, that I had to drive all the long way back to get it - I also tried to roll up the sticky tape while I walked back to the car but it didn't work out & the tape got all tangled up. - Back in the car - (Accidently I had left it open & the car key was still sticking inside the ignition lock) - I noticed that a young couple had entered the front seats & were just about to start the car - I told them that it was my car& not their's & they got after some arguing convinced & told me that they had erroneously thought it was their car - after they'd left my car - another young couple intruded the car - this times sitting on the back seats close to me, but with the same intentions as the first couple - they really thought it was their car - how could they be so misled?- so I told them patiently, that there had been just another couple in my car who also had believed it was their's - & I felt obliged to show them my car papers to convince them that it was mine - so they regretted & also left the the car & I thought I should better sit at once at the drivers seat & start the car to avoid further intruding people. -

But while they left I told them: "This car has the ability to look different to each person - so everybody thinks it's his car.." & the car-leaving woman (of that couple) loughed - because in this dream I believed to be in reality & it was just a witty remark of me. - (& of course I didn't believe in this ability of my car)

While still sitting in the back of my car I reflected over what just had happened & thought: "I should write this in my diary.." -

So - after I woke up & thought about this 'open-ends' stupid little dream, I didn't thought it to be that interesting anymore - it was no story at all - but that I had dreamt, that I should write it in my diary made it really diary-writing-worthwile.

I wonder if in one of my next dreams I will also write it all down in my diary within that dream & upload it immediately - but I doubt it whether they allow computers & internet in dreams..

PS: Imagine arguing with a burglar or thief you just caught in your car or house - arguing with him that it's your property, not his, & to show him papers that proof it - the burglar so gets convinced & politely excuses & leaves in friendly terms.. - "Oh sorry - I thought it was mine - how could I make such an awfull mistake!"

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