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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-10 - 4:01 a.m.

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"Renaldo and Clara" rewarded

So some of the amazon-ordered CD's & DVD's of Bob Dylan arrived already yesterday - it took me two evenings to go through it - means watching the 2 DVD's - & listening to the Bootleg Series Vol 5 & Vol 6 (containing 2 CD's each) - Vol 5 was recorded 1964 in the Philharmonic Hall in New York - Vol 6 are excerpts of highlights of Dylans "Rolling Thunder Tour" in 1975, where also artists like Joan Baez, Roger McGuinn, Gordon Lightfoot, Jony Mitchel, Allen Ginsberg & a lot of others participated (& even Leonard Cohen in Montreal visited). - I got really intrigued by some of the songs versions - of course most of them I knew already, but some were still new to me & Dylan often also played total different versions of his songs, sometimes the same song acoustic, the next time hard rock, changed rhythm, a lot of different instruments - the mood of his voice also totally different from version to version, sometimes singing the same song as slow ballad, next time a quick shuffle - changing even the melody & parts of the words - one time maybe I will mix me CD of my fave versions of his songs. - Some of the best versions being on some of the Live CD's like Budokan & yes these bootleg records - I think I'm going to order now the bootleg CD's from 1 to 4 too (1 to 3 is in one package)..

For a lot of people Bob Dylan is old & yesterday's stuff - but for me a lot of his old stuff is still new to me & if something interests me I don't care, wether it's up-to-date or out-of-time - some things are never out of time, like literature, the bible, Bob Dylan & a lot of stuff - beautyful, true & important stuff never fades or gets old fashioned - only fashion gets out of fashion & if a music or lyrics gets out of fashion, then it wasn't true stuff. -

Anyway I'm no fashion man & my taste is timeless.

Yesterday I read also a long article by a 'Rolling Stones' Magazine redacteur about the "Rolling Thunder Revue" - I did not know that it was on this tour on the East Coast, New England, up to Montreal, that Bob Dylan also made the film "Renaldo and Clara" - just that film that intrigued me, when I was about 27 to Dylan. - I'd like to have see that film again or get it on DVD or Video - but it seems it's no-where available.. - hmm yet.

This article & his music I listened to the last 2 days gave me a dream last night - I was with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez & others in a tour bus - I remember sitting next to Joan Baez on the frontseat of that car, waiting for Dylan to come sit on the driver's seat - I saw a beautyful, precious guitar laying besides Joan & I asked her whether I could take it & play it - she agreed but told me to be very careful with it & only use it while sitting & not moving it wildly around, to not damaging it. - While I - eagerly to try some chords on it - took it up - I tried to play some D & a-m Chords for starting - but couldn't press the strings down - it seemed that either my fingers were out of practice & too weak or the strings were too hard - The strings seemed also to be very far away from the neck of the guitar, but on some parts there were also strange figured wooden layers (platform) under these string, where it was easier to play (press down the strings to the wood) - after a while I could play some chords more in the high pitched regions & succeeding in playing with a slide guitar technique a popular song - while playing it Joan Baez at once started singing that song while I accompanied it. - I gave her back her guitar & she really examined it, whether I had damaged something on it, but luckily I hadn't. - she told me it was a gift from Bob Dylan & I wished Dylan would give me a precious (the sound was perfect) guitar like that. - then Dylan came in sat on the drivers seat & started the car - a situation later we were inside the back of that bus & Dylan was asking some of them members (other musicians) about their opinion to this & that - then suddenly he asked me about something he just had explained, but I got aware, that I had totally forgotten what he just had told. - this was very embarrassing to me, because he didn't know me yet & it seemed to me important to show spirit & wittyness in my answer & just had no idea what he had asked me. - I was instead talking about something else, hoping he didn't notice, that this was not an answer to his question. -
there was more in this dream but I can't remember anymore - later I told Joan Baez, that I found the presence of Bob Dylan very inspiring - she agreed..

Dear Audience please help me - I need the film "Renaldo and Clara" so badly & if you find it for me it's highly rewarded - can you inform me, where to get it? -

PS: The reward for finding Renaldo & Clara for me is: "you're allowed to read my diary for the rest of your life (or of my life)!" - hmm I hope you won't see it as detention.. PS 2: I also am searching for the beautyful, splendid guitar with the perfect sound, Joan Baez had..

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