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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-11 - 3:15 a.m.

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riddles & lies

I don't like to tell my age anymore too easily - because by then people start to think I'm that old & start to treat me like I'm that old & of course I'm not 'that old' - I'm only ..

So today I met a befriended couple (Ricardo & Veronica) a teacher couple on the roof-café of the cinecitta (big Nurembergian cinema-empire, including IMAX, the biggest 3-D-Cinema of Europe)

one of our themes was naturally also my new historical Bob-Dylan-o-mania phase I'm in for a while - within this theme they asked me about Dylan's age - He's 65 now. - Veronica or Ricardo asked me then about my age. - I told them: "The last 2 numbers of my birth year give my age!" -

Hmm well - Veronica looked a bit aghasted - they both started to think about it - at least Ric got it 2 minutes later, but didn't tell (so there is chance that he thinks I'm 13 or something) -
But Veronica didn't get it - you know she's English teacher , not Maths.. (I gave her a second hint & told her: "George Harrison was exactly to the day 10 years older than me" - but then she thougt G.H. was a member of the Rolling Stones which gave her no clue at all) -

I told the same question recently to an uncle & cousin - they too didn't get it.

Unfortunately this little age-disguising trick only works out this year & of course I won't tell you what year we have.

From then on I have to disguise my real age by simply lying.

PS: Why do these number-fetish-people always ask you about your age? - Couldn't they just ask simple questions like - how many hearts, how many toes, how many hairs I got? - I would tell them I got a broken heart, about 9 toes (12 they wouldn't believe) & on the number of hair I would lie a little bit - I would tell them a number about 20 hairs more than I really got - that avoids them believing I'm bold-headed..

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