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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-13 - 5:22 a.m.

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4 weeks of honking presumed

yes I'm no soccer or any other sports fan, but having this ecstasy of soccer world cup fever all over the country all over town you can't just avoid to notice what's happening around you, just like you can't ignore to notice if thunder & lightning, blizzards, hail & tornadoes come. - You just can't ignore it anymore, if you're surrounded by soccer fans, soccer news, soccer commercials, soccer flags, soccer shouters, soccer ball pictures on any food or other goods you buy - if even the cars have changed their wheels by footballs - the only way to avoid it would be to emmigrate to the only country in the world immune to soccer world cup: USA. But maybe I survive these for weeks without emmigrating (in fact I like it somehow)

They're playing about 3 international games each day - some nations win, some nations lose, but most who win honk in their cars, driving all through town to exhibit their joy -

well some winner's nations wake is too small in numbers here or isn't that extroverted in showing their joy. - But this late evening Italy won against Ghana. - There live a lot of Italians here & I'm glad that they, like Greeks & Spains, Chinese, Thai etc. enrichened our culture (especially boring German food culture) - but if Italians win a soccer party - no-one shows it more extroverted than them. -

So of course tonight thyriards of Italina cars with flags & continiously honking drove all through town like crazy - I still remember the day when once (long time) the Italians won the world soccer cup - it was endless party on the streets here.

This remembers to a little silly joke I heard in my youth, one of the kind with different nations & how they behave on a certain sitiuation (you have to take care that they're not racistic or insulting) -
but this one is nice & appropriate:

Well - a car seller tells a friend he knows just by the behaviour of an interested customer of which country he's coming from. - "How that?" asks his friend - answers the car seller: "If he examines mainly the car body & style of the car, he's French - if he at first opens the car door & examines the seats & interior, he's British - if he starts the investigation of the car by examining the motor, he's German - & well if the first thing he's testing is the horn, than he's Italian.."

& who will honk tomorrow? - Honky Tonk Women?

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