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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-16 - 5:13 a.m.

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itchy combat

This afternoon I was (again) visiting a friend on the country side - on the way back I missed my train (again I had forgotten to look on the schedule before because I'm used to get the train times by internet - but my friend had no internet, nor schedule - at least she got a telephone & a housenumber in this little village at the end of the known world - how could people live without internet - I wouldn't even know what day it is or if the sun was shining..) - the next train would come in about 50 minutes so I walked a bit around - this small village is surrounded be nice pine woods a mix of light woods, dark woods & meadows - I was near a thicket where the young trees grow, when I noticed some zzz-ing gnats around me - I tried to chase them away, succeeded to kill some of them, but you can't look everywhere - that made me aware how much naked flesh I show in the open - naked face, naked hands naked arms - & the gnats even sat on my socks stinging through them - I can't remember having ever such much gnats at once attacking me - I decided to return to the station & get off that area - I only heard zzz-sounds around me & these little buggers surrounded me like vultures their prey - (I once saw an adventure film once happening somewhere in the Florida swamps - the protagonists got attacked by such an immense cloud of moscitos, that they had to hide under blankets & stuff - it was like the moscitos were eating them in attacks like Hitchcocks 'Birds'

Now I know how these actors would have felt if the situation would have been real

& if I ever want to commit suicide I'll go there naked - these gnats'd do the job within minutes (Did someone ever chose this method?).

When I came home I had a lot of itching places on my body & of course stripped off my clothes to watch the damage. - I was surprised that also my legs (I had been wearing long trousers - but may they were a bit light & a bit too tight) were full of red spots of gnat stings - I counted on one single shank (only the inside) about 25 stings - so on quick overview of all the other parts (I didn't use a mirror) I guess it's about 200 gnat stitches - how much do you survive?) - my arms & hands don't have that much (only about 20 each) - my face has none, because all the time I was busy to chase them off my face - but they're so perfidiously - attacking you from behind - not face to face like any honest adversary would do.

In the moment it's not itching - that often starts on the second day - I hope it won't get into one of those itchings where you just can't stop to scratch - (of course it will come to that point)

I resisted the idea to make a foto of my tortured leg & show it here - it wouldn't be too aesthetic - like a foto of a bad skin desease - but you can imagine how it looks if you take a really red lipstick & paint 25 irregular dispensed spots on one of your shanks - Yeah it exactly looks like that..

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