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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-21 - 5:02 a.m.

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boney 8 times 5 magic

since I told in my last entry that I got track again of my former (maybe still) friend Ed Morgan (MA) via internet - I wrote an e-mail there, but got no answer yet - I'm not impatient - maybe it needs time to reponse, but maybe this website & included mail-adress is old & this mailbox isn't watched anymore - there's a lot of deadlines in internet - in the libraries site the announcement for his next concert appearance is for December - last years december? - or the december of 2 , 3 or 4 years ago? - a lot of little once created sites are deadlines - someone - ages ago created with pure heart & the best intentions - but later on no-one is there to actualize it - the creator has totally forgotten about it (or may have emigrated or died in an accident or they didn't pay him anymore) - you see this typically in little club pages - where under 'News' is an inventation to a meeting about 3 years ago..

Maybe once I will tell more about my long ago once time in nice New England Massachusetts, (where within 3 months I didn't see a single Indian who are supposed to live there) - about the differences between Europe & American living style I got aware there. - Afterwards half of me missed a lot of life style in USA, while when I was there - the other half of me missed a lot of life style of good old Europe. - Living some time here & some time there would 've been a nice idea - but I just couldn't afford that jet set life.

While remembering Ed, Kathi, MA & that vacance time there - today I remembered some magical moments between Ed & me.

We were both poets (at least in time & I of course German languaged) -we both had written a book of poetry in that time here in Nuremberg - that's the met the first time.

No the real reason that we met the first time was a woman called Monica - he had written a song Monica in tribute to her & I had written a poem about her - I hardly knew her - just met her in some scene pub & got somehow deeply impressed by her - on my first visiting her I met her friend (lover) Ed & later on I got much more familar with him than with her ( she once blamed me for that - but she was so students like intellectual, critical that she started making me insecure - you know artists who try to raise fragile visions to strong artwork are sometimes very sensible to critics, they'd like to get supported to grow & get stronger - It was much easier with Ed - he appreciated my art & I adored his musical talents & poetry - & we had a good, long lasting & important friendship soon (at least for some years) -
Monica also blamed me on one of the first (& last meetings) that I'd become much more familar with him than with her & I told her that she made me feel unsecure - she told me that others before had also told her that she made them feel unsecure - so I was not the only one -
maybe it's hard to get aqquainted to a teacher - because teachers always try to teach & educate you (just joking - I have some very good friends who are teachers meanwhile (but they try to teach you))

In his German languaged poet book he sold here some of the poems were translated by Monika & some by me. - I still have this book with a dedication to me & his record "Minstrelsinger" where on the front cover he stands under an old dark-ages Nurembergian archway.

But back to these moments of magic between us I wanted to tell about.

I remember we were once sitting on the kitchen table down in South Hadley near Springfield in MA. - when while we talked we had the idea to guess a number the other one was thinking - so I thought about a number & the number was 5 - He then told me "You were thinking the number 5" - He was right! - so I asked him to think of a number - I watched his face & believed my intuition to say "8" - I was - of course also right - we didn't repeat that test, because we both knew such things only work out once -

Another little incident: - They often had chicken - so there's a little game to take this little collar bone that looks like a "V" , a triangle with very thin bone - so one person holds the one end of the V-bone & the other the opposite end & everybody pulls slowly untill it breaks in the middle - but it never breaks in the middle where the gristle of connection is much stronger - so the one he gets the stronger part is the winner

so once he did this with Kathi - he won

another time I did it with Kathi (not this - just this bone breaking thing) - I won.

But when on next chicken meal day I did this little game with Ed (in the duell of the giants) - the bone cracked just in the middle of
the center part - that's a thing that about never happens - but our hidden magical powers of friendly contest had come to an ultimate stalemate -

We never tried that again..

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