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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-23 - 4:15 a.m.

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Slingshots weren't the favourite game of the Philistines

since the soccer world war is still around me - well a peacefull war because it's only world cup - even me - normally totally un-sports, never watch a sports channel, never reading in the newspaper even glimpses of the sports pages - got meanwhile interested in this games in the results, watch even some or parts of some games - it's this international big circus of colourfull nations competing in a way & spirit like Olympics what makes it interesting even for me - well at least for a while

The first goal in this soccer tournament was that of the 32 starter's nations playing in 4 groups at each other, till only 16 remain - means only the half of them survived for the next issue (segment) of the game

So today USA played against Ghana. Ghana (who was first time in world cup) eliminated U.S. - Ghana suceeded to reach the next round, the US team has to drive home (read all about it in the world cup section of -

What a success for a small African country - beating the big allmighty USA.
The good thing for all the smaller countries worldwide who all are crazy about football - is that all people in the USA (except a small minority) just don't care about soccer. - They play other games like Baseball, Rugby & Basketball - all games hardly known by all other countries (because of course no-body understands the rules of baseball). -

So of course the US soccer team, totally off interests of the average American, never gets a real strong soccer team. - & also so, all the other countries worldwide frustrated by a politcal world dominating US-Imperialism (by economy, money power & a slight hint to available weapons), replacing such the Romans, have the possibility to defeat the USA in at least a sportife way.

The trick of defeating the USA is to not play the same games as them. - I guess they're the worldwide champions in baseball, basketball, rugby & all this quick games, they mainly play inside the States. - Does that mean USA only plays with itself, while all other nations play with each other?

If soccer in the US would be as popular as baseball, they 'd probably become soon one of the champions & all the rest of the nations would totally lose interest in soccer & play Micado worldcups in small theaters instead. (American sport fans like big stadions)

You know Americans like quick games with quick scores. - Micado needs time and patience. - The only opportunity left for small little Asian & African countries to defeat America. With time & patience.

No - I'm not anti-American (& believe it's total stupid to be "anti-" any country, race or nation)- but ain't it nice sometimes under little siblings to play games were the big brother is not involved, who spoils everything by better-throwing, better-knowing & better-rowing? - (But let's wait until the allmighty sportive Chinese come - see next Olympics).

PS: I would have liked it if the USA would have played against Iran & then would have liked it if the Iranians were the leading ones in the first half with 2 goals - & then US would shoot 3 goals just in the last few minutes - yes I would have liked if the Americans would have defeated the Iranians, because of all the fanatic USA-hate in Iran. - But in a Ghana-USA game of course I prefered with glee Ghana to win. - Give Africa a chance! - & why not let Vanuatu (pacific Isle group - formerly New Hebrides) soccer players (strenghened by Kawa) win the world cup. But traditional Vanuatuans have another game: they jump from palm trees with vines tied to their feet & who comes closest to the ground (without hitting the ground) wins - it's not yet olympic yet, but it's a quick game too...

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