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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-30 - 4:58 a.m.

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words ot a wise old dentist

2 months ago I had toothache & visited my Polish dentist - she repaired that tooth by totally drilling it out & filling it with this substitute paste.

She told me to come back next week because there was still a lot to repair on my teeth. (Should I believe her?)

I didn't return next week - & also not in the next 2 months, but today I had a bad conscience to my tooth health & made an appointment for another treaty next week. - Maybe I shouldn't have done it, cos now in the evening a tooth starts to ache - just like one of these self-fulfilling prophecies - schlafende Hunde sollte man nicht wecken (you shouldn't wake sleeping dogs)

I always fear that dentists drill too quick without necessarity, & if they drill they drill much too big holes because they just can't resist to drill on & on, & such destroying the whole tooth, but with no intention to try to preserve that tooth.

So I've been changing my dentists all of my life, because I alway found quickly enough reason to mistrust them. -

Dentist like doctors are only craftsmen. - I live in a rich western country & if nowadays you call a craftsman for some small repair he tends to manipulate you to make it all new - if repairing a little scratch in some furniture which could be easily mended with some filler stuff, which would only cost some bucks - they suggest to replace the whole part, which of course cost some 100 bucks.

For my dentist mistrust I have prove. - One of them, maybe a traitor to his cheating collegues told me the truth. -

I was about 20 years old & didn't had a medical insurance for a short time. After heavy attacks of toothache my friend Ellen recommended me to an olderly, already retired dentist - she knew & trusted him (Much later I got aware that she trusted a lot to olderly men, & most of them weren't trustworthy in the least to me - but maybe I was just a jealious guy) -

I've been one time before with her when she was there for her own teeth, to hold her hand & becalm her, while he was drilling, because she was deeply scared by dentists. - So the dentist & me had a hard job to keep her calm & not running away while the procedure lasted..

But when time later on I visited him for my own tooth-ache he told me the wise words of an old retired (not greedy anymore) dentist about tooth drilling. - & this is what he told:

He said most dentists drill much too big holes, because it's easier for them, than to repair sensible a small little hole - & if they such have half destroyed the tooth, the damage soon gets on & the patient needs a much more expensive root treatment.. - the idea that dentists drill much too much on healthy teeth just to earn money is shocking -

It's recommended to go every half year to go to the dentist to check your teeth (that's what we learned in school) - but of course every time you go to a dentist he feels obliged to something - be it necessary or not - it's like you enter a shop - the vendor wants to sell something to you..

So I'm always aware of these wise words of that retired dentist if I visit a dentist - I remember that I never visited a dentist again, because one of her first acts when I've been there, was to tear out a tooth (my only lost tooth ever - & you know how expensive substitute teeth are) & I heard her laughingly tell someone: "I love to drill big holes" - I never again visited this butcher dentist anymore!

Sadly that that old dentist with his old fashioned furnishing & facility died soon time later & he was the only dentist in my life I ever trusted.

One of his recommendments for teeth was also to use salt to kill tooth destroying bacteria - he recommended a salt tooth paste.

& another irony of history - I didn't even payd that dentist in that time - not deliberately but my money budget was very low in that time. - & when long time later by bad conscience I wanted to pay my debt, I got aware, that he had died meanwhile.. - so the only not-cheating dentist I ever got, got cheated by me - & I feel helpless extradited to hordes of greedy big hole drilling dentists (I mean you just can't ask them whether they are honest - "yes I'm honest" said the pickpocket, running away with your purse "I will honestly administer you property forever..")

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