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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-04 - 5:37 a.m.

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gnat in my flat

there's a gnat in my flat
& I don't know where she's at..

since days she stings me in arms & legs & hands - totally silently, invisible, stealthy & without zzz-ing -

But this evening for the first time I saw her coming - silently, stealthy, but she hadn't considered that she was directly in the focus of my eyes. I waited until she landed unfeelable on my hand. - Ha - got you! - I silently stealthy raised my other hand to smash her with a terrible beat forever out of her stinging bloodsucking life. - But centimeters before she got mashed between my hands, she flew away & hid in one her stealthy hideaways with no chance to ever find her there.

It was stupid of me to not wait some seconds longer until she'd had stung me - because if they're in the process of blood drinking, they don't care anymore about coming danger & I could have got her. - Better one more sting than dozens of future stings which sure will happen in the next few days. - Couldn't she only sting once & suck as much blood as she needs for the rest of her life & then just die peacefully?

I heard it's only the females who sting & they need the blood for their egg breed.

& why don't they zzz anymore? - They improve their vamiring abilites from generation to generation or was that DNA-manipulation?

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