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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-07 - 3:01 a.m.

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the sweet sweat of hard working men

This is a 'PS' to my last entry where I wrote some lines about the world cup game France - Portugal (1:0) - there was one scene when the game ended, that Zidane (the French star) & Figo (the Portugesean star) exchanged as a friendly & gentle gesture their shirts & then embraced each other with naked torsos. -

Well I'm not experienced in male friendship sport rites - & I don't know whether it's habit - but later on I saw Zidane puttin on Figos dark red shirt - & then also Figo putting on Zidanes white nation shirt - well they had been playing for more than 90 minutes running, fighting & struggling on the green tournament lawn. - These shirts must have been very sweat soaked - probably totally wet. - I watched Figo later
- he was still sweating & he pulled up the sleeve of Zidanes shirt to wipe his face with it - Apparently sports heroes like the sweat of other heroes of their kind.

-Of course the emotions & endorphines were running high & these heroes of sport didn't care about these little sweat details. - But just these details were it that made since my youth sportive action as something disgusting & to be avoided - groupish, loud, obnoxious, sweaty & naked man herds in showers & locker-rooms, competing with each other - oogh. -

Well really - I wouldn't ever put on a sweat soaked shirt of another man, hero or not? - But at least I'm hormone ridden & perverted enough that might I'd put on a sweat soaked shirt of a beautiful & admireable heroine of my utmost dreams & would even lay it under my pillow at night - but men - no never - but on the other hand I'm no sports expert - not that I care of..

But in spite of my mocking: I think it was a great gesture that they walked after the combat in the arena with the sports emblem uniform of the adversary.

You win - you lose - & after the game you shake hands - that's the only way sportive combats should ever happen - who acts otherwise is guided by meanly motivation (niedrige Beweggründe)..

PS: My new Portugesian (originally from Macao) friend Marie Antoinette is total crazy for Luis Figo - she kept on telling me, that he's the most beautyful MAN of all these worldwide football players - recently when she was a bit drunk & tipsy she told me, she could see by his nose, that he got a big dick (well she had drunk a lot) & just now I read in Gentry's diary under LOVING: Luis Figo is my new secret boyfriend -

Hmm - there must be something to him, which we men don't understand, but any little girl knows.. (& Zidane now owns the sweaty shirt of Figo - I hope he got good bodyguards - but will they be able to resist a horde of screaming Figo fan girls?) -

PS 2: Marie Antoinette also keeps telling me that I look like I'm French -& I consider that as compliment..

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