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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-12 - 5:01 a.m.

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Embarrassed silence @ coupe de boule de Zizou

after the world cup

so while Germany was quite happy for the 3rd place, because they won their last game & they celebrated like they had won the cup, France is still quite unhappy with the second place - not only because they lost their last match against Italy, but under which circumstances they'd lost. - That dramatic scene when Zidane head butted Materazzi in the last 10 minutes of the pro-longed game, because Materazzi had badly insulted him.

It should have been Zidane's last & glorious good bye with this final game. But ten minutes before goal he lost control & world press blamed him for a shamefull & disgracefull valediction.

Zizou head butt video

The first reaction of world press was wrong - if the French have a hero, they easily forgive him a little stumble in relation of all the glorious things he had done. & I think the French are right..

But couldn't he have a bigger last show, than this ultimate showdown? - He has already a world cup victory & all you could get in worldly soccer heaven. - He left with a bit bang & the French still like him for that. - They criticized him a bit, but he's still their hero & even this head bang will later on be a further nice to tell legend in hall of fame.

And even if Italy has won the world cup - there's a wide tendency to believe, that there was something unjust & dirty in this winning, because nobody knows Materazzi had told Zizou. - A lot of people, like me think it was something with obscenly insulting his mother..

But there was an Italian press voice telling that Mazeratti had lost his own mother at age of 14, so never could be able to insult the mother of Zidane - How stupid is this conclusion! - Of course he could. - Losing your own mother could also make you envy others who still have a mother & make you insult all other mothers, just because they exist..

All France is now concidering about what kind of insult that could have been - my guess was also something about his mother & they even took some lip readers in to read Materazzi's remarks from his lips - on of them read the words: "son of a terrorist's whore" & the words:"I wish you & your family a terrible death" -

In fact it doesn't matter anymore for the French, whether France had won or lost - all that matters is to find out these mysterious insulting words.

& Soccer God Zizou keeps silent!

& as resume - wasn't it a great leave for Zidane - the final had changed to criminal case where the scandal helps to remember it for long time.

But more sarcasticly: Isn't it stupid child play, immature youth's behaviour what these soccer heroes show? - Insult someones mother & get punched on the nose. - It's only a game they'e playing & some play dirty, & some are primitive & some behave like brutes, but as they'r so succesfull & so entertaining to the sports world view, they become God-like heroes just like a gang of revolver-outlaws, because they can draw so quick..

Not that I didn't like Zizou head butting Materazzi's breast...

An Italian politician today said something disgusting about the French soccer team - he used racist words, calling them a bunch of negroes, emmigrants & something else I can't remember.

I understand if a soccer player under high stress may sees red if he gets insulted in childhood manner. - But I don't understand, that a adult politician (& even his mother got not insulted) uses such words - he should see the red card, not for one game, but for all games he still wants to gamble in politics..

Last thing I heard is rumours that Zidane & Materazzi are going to have a duell over these insulting words next time on a secret place - it's not yet clear, whether they'll use pistols or épées - I resist to believe these rumours because I don't believe they would fight a duel without the spotlights of millions on them. - It makes no sense to die unspecular!

(& also Bavarians ex-soccer-star & ex-trainer 'Franz Beckenbauer' said after the final game, Zidane would be highly welcome to play in Bavaria if he'd decide against quitting)

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