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worldwide informations

In every escalations of politics to real war between countries - be it Afghanistan, Iraq or now Libanan-Israel I always search & read a lot of internet sources about what's really happening there - because I don't trust the simple minded truths in the news of my country (Germany) or one other single country (in fact all nations news simple minded) -
I read the (english written) online-newspapers of those countries of both or each side & also of those countries I esteem important enough to the case. -

Also I read some blogs from different sides, - some of these bloggers are important sources for me because partly they tell their own opinion, but some give adresses (links) to a lot of news articles & other blogs, related to the theme.

a relatively neutral source (& one of the best) is
sometimes I browse cnn news (sometimes too unilateral), New York Times articles I get freely every day by an disclaimer
of course I read Israelian papers like Jerusalem post & haaretz, but on special case also Egypt's press like Al-Ahram (did you see these weekly antisemitic cartoons there?), to see a typical arabic countries view. -
Sometimes I watch also dawn - the Pakistani online press (what do they think there?) -
& of course, like in this case, it's really interesting what Iranian media spreads - I read for that reason - most of what is written there is absurdly ridicilous & I can't believe that someone believes this bunch of lies. - But of course the uninformed & primitives easily believe in simple lies. - it remembers to the Nazi propaganda style here in Germany 60 or 70 years ago - black is white & white is black - believe it or die! - tehran news would be fun to read because it's just so ridiculious, but as we know how much bad influence comes from Iran, it's only just sad.
From times to times I read also an Iranian dissidents paper - they hate the god's state fascism of their country & Ahmadinejad & I was curious how they would write about the Israel-Hezbullah-Lebanon conclict. - Hmm - I see that the antisemitic (anti-Zionists) semen they probably got implanted since early childhood, wears poisonious fruit - some articles are highly anti-semitic & seem resembling the news sources of teheran - (couldn't they read somewhere in word press, that Hezbullah started the aggression & that it's not the goal of Israel to kill women & children, but to eliminate those who shoot rockets & hide behind women & children) -

& I read some blogs like bagdadburning (riverbend) from Bhagdad, who tells her impressions & observations since beginning of the war - to an Iranians dissidents blog - to Michelle Malkin (I don't like her at all, because she's a very agitating black&white thinker (Hetzerin)- we are the good - they are the bad & is deeply discriminating her imagined foes - some of her opinions are right, but in most cases she goes much too far - I would have a bad conscience for that - but anyway sometimes I look in her blog about what she is furiated in the moment.
- I like to be aware of the opinions & points of view of all sides - If Hitler would be still alive & write a blog - I would read it daily - just to watch my enemies steps - this doesn't mean that I compare Malkin or anyone I here wrote about to Hitler
- regularly I also read Howards blog - he's Jewish living in the States & I find a lot of important information to Israel & other themes there - not all of his opinions I agree (but about 80% to 90%) & of course he gave since the Lebanon-war started some good related links..
- so through by a link of his site (& probably a further link from that site) I found a lebanonesian blog - where a lot of young Lebanesians, but also Israelians discuss the war - that gave me more information, than what I had heard in the news before

Example blog entry:

for those calling for military fighting, we did that from 1972 till 1991, it got us nowhere, becoz whatever number of souls we lost, if there is a regional DEAL that has to pass, everything will go up the wind, we fought the PLO, then the Syrians for 17 years, then when USA needed syria's support in the first gulf war (yes its support to close its long border on iraqi supplies), the USA then gave Syria the green light to use the Air-force (which was forbidden to her to do so or else Israel would shoot every plane down) and was able to break the Status-quo, break all our fortifications and overrun the country. and since there is too much turmoil in the area, we dont want to be the victims of "big boyz deals" after loosing so many souls. That is why we do not want to carry guns against syria and hizbullah.
and for those telling us to ask for french military intervention, WAKE UP, the mighty USA is still facing problems in iraw coz the neighbours are still helping insurgents, and the insurgents themselves were well prepared for urban warefare, even if the iraqi population is trying to fight them as well and pinpointing them, but still, regional powers and intervention is the key.


you see the 'little' informations in this entry?

Worlds politics is a big puzzle - you can't see truth if you only watch the one side or the other (which in fact most people included politicians do) - Yesterday was the G8 summit of USA, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & Canada - they Leaders of the G8 nations after hours of consultation have come to this conclusion:

They have blamed extremist forces for the latest crisis in the Middle East, but called on Israel to end military operations. The statement - issued after hours of difficult negotiations - calls for the release of three captured Israeli soldiers - one in the Gaza Strip.
It also urges militants to stop shelling of Israeli territory.
Leaders also urged Israel to withdraw its forces from Gaza and to release arrested Palestinian politicians.

in other words they said: "Please stop that shit, because we have no idea how to stop it & who started it & we have no solution we could agree upon anyway"

Then the G8 summit in Pilatus manner washed their hands in innocence.

I think they should read more worldwide press & blogs, instead of listening what their own consultants advice them.

See - you can't judge without being informed & even then you shouldn't judge, but maybe act in balance to all you've heard from both sides!

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