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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-18 - 4:34 a.m.

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Teach your children well.

OK the soccer cup is over - but here's a little epilogue to what I wrote here some days ago here

Today I called since a long time my friend Sandra - her daughter Chiara was on the phone - she told me that her mother was sleeping & then she asked me about the world cup - wether I liked more the Germans (team) or the Italians (you know Germany got place 3, Italy place 1) - I told her - I liked more the French (place 2 against Italy) - that made Chiary at once cheering & with enthusiastic & adoringly voice she told me how great Zidane's head butting that Italian was (original: "Das war toll was der Zidane da gemacht hat!")

You remember that Zidane in that press interview some days later excused for that act, but not regretting it - but he regretted, that children saw that & he felt that he should be a ideal (role model) for children.

Now millions of kids try the coup de boule to knock their enemy down - Qu'est-ce que tu fout Zidane? - (But hey you son of a bitch - they only do it if you insult their mother..)

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