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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-23 - 6:32 a.m.

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Come on you sleepers - 1984 - about to arrive!

wow - well today just while searching in internet a map of Massachusetts, where my friend Ed (the poet & musician) lives - I just detected google earth - it's a map of satelite fotos of the whole earth - you can zoom in to every spot of the world from above until you can see every little village, every streets & the single houses every bush or car on the street -

well it's not yet quite done, but on the more populated parts of our world you can see all these details. -

After having installed google earth I searched my town Nuremberg (Nürnberg) & could find even my house & the church in front of it -
wow! - I searched for South Hadley, Massachusetts, where I've been visiting Ed & Kathi a long time ago & liver there for 3 months - I found 'Walnutstreet' - I found those paths I used to walk there

see here: Walnutstreet in South Hadley - I think our house was the 3rd from the left on the north side of the street

I remember that once late in the evening I was in Springfield (somewhere to the south of this bridge) & had missed my last bus to return - so I walked all the way home to my friends house. - a walk of about one or two hours - on halfway on another bridge of Holyoke I got molested by 2 men in a van who were mocking me & calling me bad words from out of their driver's cabin & then tried to corner me down with their van stopping in front of me - I escaped them by running quick back on the meddle of the street to a mainstreet with more light & traffic around - later on I was just on the bridge between Holyoke & South Hadley you see here more in detail (I think it was the Connecticut river)

& just when I've been at that point where you see the black car on the bridge I saw a naked man standing in the bushes on the embankment to the left - I think he was masturbating - probably thinking that I was a woman, because I wore long hair in that time.

Later at home with Ed & Kathi I told them my adventures on my long way by foot - they were appalled, that I had dared to walk alone through the nightly streets of that region & told me - it was dangerious to walk there alone - I should have called them & they would have picked me up with their car - Kathi also didn't believe me, that I've seen a naked man in their neighbourhood - well normal Americans don't see these things, because they they only move by cars around

Hmm - I should have been warned that I saw no-one walking around on the streets anymore - here in Germany it's quite usual to walk late at night on the streets & it's usually about as safe as in daylight. - OK there are some zones in some big cities here you should avoid late at night - especially if you're a woman.

But back to google earth - it's astounding, fantastic , but it's also terrifying - The NASA, NATO, military have probably much more detailed
satellite fotos of our world - they can probably see everybody moving around & in future they're getting more & more perfect in overseeing, observing, controlling everything that moves or doesn't move on this earth.

I saw recently a report about the big amounts of data that are collected from every single person - the next step is to watch & registrate every single move you do.

They made a test with senders on cars in Great Britain recently - to watch any movement of a car - Meanwhile in Hong Kong or Singapoore it's already done - every car has to have a sender & every move is registered to databases -

the next step is to move every person's movements - which is already partly reality - because if you have a cell phone (Germans call it 'Handy') & it's not switched off, you can very easily be exactly located.

There is this barcode on goods that makes it easy for the girls on the check out to tell you what you have to pay - but I heard in the news recently that there's a new system coming, that every goods get a little chip that can be registered by a far away machine (these chips just react to the signal of the reading computer) - & the next step is - that they plan to involve such a chip also in your passport (at least here in Germany) - that means - if you walk around with your passport - your whereabouts can all the time easily be detected & probably in those times in near future it's becoming a crime, if you walk around without your passport.

We live in a time of high enthusiasm for the new developments in computer & cellphone technology - all these fine little dingies - ultimate fun & entertainment provided - but the stupid herd of tech addicts seem totally immune to see the dangers of getting totally controlled - on the other side - stupid herd people never ever mind getting totally controlled as long as they get enough of 'Brot und Spiele' (food & fun)

& believe me - I'm not one of them!
PS: (if George Orwell) would have called his book 1985 it would have better rhymed with 'is about to arrive' - but in fact I really watched people in the year 1984 that were somehow dissapointed that 1984 wasn't the year were George Orwell's 'prophesies got fulfilled - they afterwards lost any belief in Orwell's vision's - someone may should have informed them what a metaphor & an allegory is..

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