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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-25 - 5:07 a.m.

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my anti-semitism poll in Germanic AOL

There was a board in AOL these days (still lasting) where people could write their opinions to the Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon & Israel (a lot of people forget that Hezbollah since last week shot about 2000 rockets into Israel & has about 16.000 to 20.000 in stock yet (the Isralis succeeded in destroying 2.000 till now) - I write more about this maybe later, but today just a reflection to the entries the others wrote in German AOL - there where anti-semitic tendencies in a lot of the entries to see, which I really hated & make me ashamed for Germany.

Of course in Germany live about 10 percent (in big towns much more) of foreigners - a lot of them from Islamic countries (mainly Turkey) but of course also from a lot of Arabian countries, Iran etc. - & it's like a rule - you'll find about no no-one from an Islamian state who writes something positive about Israel or Jews, because in all Arabic Media Israel hate & anti-semitism is widely spread. - We in Europe know what that means, where since the Catholic pope Innocent III in the year 1215, a merciless enemy of the Jews, convoked the fourth Lateran Councils & thus pushed through the anit- Semitic regulations which formed the basis of the humiliating living conditions & malicious slandering of the Jews that lasted whith the terrible climax of the Holocaust till this century.

Here the anti-semitism virus seems to be mainly extinguished - at least officially - but if some unaware people still imagine Germany as the Jew hating anti-semitic Nazi country - this virus has since long moved on & I'm convinced he's strongest these days in the muslim (mainly arabic) world - just read the papers there - & remember that most arabic states have dispelled, dispossessed or even killed the Jews communities who had lived for about 2000 years amid them - Egypt with a once strong Jewish community is about Jew free - I can give you numbers & facts in another entry, but the number of the Jews that where dispelled or had to flee frome their homes where they'd had lived since long centuries equals the number of Palestines who had to flee & lost their homes after 1948. - A fact about no-one in the world public seems to know or care of.

But back to this opinion board in AOL. - There were about 600 opinions already & I got so angry about some real anti-semitic remarks there, that I tried to find out how much (statisticly) percent of entries were pro-Israelian, anti-Israelian, Anti-semitic etc.

I read about 200 entries (exactly 223) & made a list with bars for every category.

Voila here the results (Remember the theme was: 'Has Israel the right to attack Lebanon or not?'):

Pro-Israel (they have the right to defend themselves & attack Lebanon to eliminate the threat of Iran & Syra supported Hezbollah & their rockets):

51 (that was 22,87 percent)

Anti-Israel (mainly seeing Israel as aggressor often seen in connection to USA & saying Israel kills civilians, women & children without real cause):

63 (28,25 percent)

General against war (but neutral to the opponents):
31 (18,83 percent)

Anti-semitic (people who wrote agains Israel but with relation to Jews in general & arguing with typical Nazi-like terms (they are no victims - they are committers - they get money from us (because of holocaust & now use it attack innocents - etc. etc.)

42 (18,83 percent)

people writing agains anti-semitism in this board:

3 (1,35 percent)

against Iran or Islamics fanatics in general:

3 (1,35 percent)

we don't care (people writing they don't care, what the war opponents do - or 'let them kill each other - it has nothing to do with us' - or believers of a worldwide conspiracy that controls this war - (at least no-one wrote about aliens))

30 (13,45 percent)

I don't know how represantive the result of my statistik is - (maybe about 5 to 10 percent are Islamic & so write in general against Jews - but I guess these would attack in this context Israel directly, not write against Jews in general.

So I'm pretty sure, we have about 15 to 20 percent still anti-semites here in Germany. -

Of course if you would ask them personally they wouldn't say they're anti-semitic, & most of them would also say they would do no harm to Jews & holocaust was terrible, but they still bear that stupid superstitious primitive believe, that there is something wrong with the Jews & they are crooked & have bad intent anyway & beware of the Jews.

& I wonder how much of those 28 percent who wrote against Israel's 'aggression' belong to the party of anti-semites? It's scary & dismaying!

By reading all these entries (only 1000 words per entry were allowed) I noticed, that about 80 % of the writers hardly knew about the background facts of this war - & the less you know - the easier it is to write about something..

I also wrote an entry there & yes I'm one of those 22,87 percent of pro-Israel writers - why? - I'll tell you sooner or later more in detail - but in short - I belong to the small minority who fight people & movements like Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah & Hamas whose goal it is to destroy Israel. - & Most of these people arguing against Israel don't seem to believe or realize, that they really mean it.

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