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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-29 - 4:34 a.m.

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Hard times on Israel & Lebanon

The escalation of the situation between Israel & Lebanon is really disturbing & personally makes me sad - it seems that there is no real solution in sight - since the beginning of the reaction of Israel to the Hezbollah aggression all the Arab world seems to approve & stand behing Hezbollah, praising it in columns, cartoons, blogs, even poetry - if you read Egyptian paper Al Ahram - it's horrible - why do they call a defender an agressor? - They so deeply lie & I believe those who are responsible know it - simple people believe everything media tells them..

But I'm sad I now reall fear for Israel, they have only 6 Mio. inhabitants - even Kairo got more inhabitants - Islamic Jihad fighters seem to spread like mushrooms out of islam-fascism grounds - & wars against terrorists with guerilla tactics hiding between civilians is quite another thing than to have once fought & defeated the aggressing armies of all the surrounding countries in 1967. - You never ever get them, because you can't distinguish them them from the civilians & if you try to hunt them down - all the world cries out loud: you murder women & children.

Everything Israel does seems to be wrong, just because they're surrounded by Jew-hating countries - if they don't react to Hezbollah (800 last year before the war) & Hamas rockets (about 1000 since last September) - their enemies rejoice & say they're coward we're gonna get them - but if they react they cry: "They're aggressors, killing our wifes & children" - & as much as I see most of the public perfunctorily world believes to their lies.

But in fact it's this way (Replace Palestines with Hezbollah):

Israel gave land for peace - they gave Gaza to the Palestinensians & returned from Lebanon (where they were once only because they got all the time attacked from there & the only reason they got in there again, because they got attacked again from this side..(aren't about 800 rockets shot into Israel within one year, 8 killed & 2 abducted soldiers enough?))

But after what I read in world wide & arabic press - it seems that Israels attempt to defend & hunt down Hezbollah forces, (what in Arabic press is only describes as act of aggression) seems to unite all Arabic states to Hezbollah & Iranian view "Let's unite & destroy Israel now - they seem weak (needed more than a week to get 20 km into Lebanon & lost a lot of soldier in the first ground battle) - The pacified Arabians neighbours smell blood like the Hyaenaes if the Lion stumbles.

By the way this is how Egypt press sees Israels defense stroke - in all their cartoons - no mention of Hezbollah - (while Egypt press in the beginning also told about Hezbollahs aggression .- Iranian press of course doesn't tell a word about it

There were voices around Hezbolla that they attacke because of the prisoners (there are only 3 Lebanon prisoners in Israel jail - on is a civilian muerderer - the other a Jewish-Lebanon spy & the next I forgot) - another cause I heard resently by a Palestinensian in TV was the Shaba Farms a small piece of land between Israel, Lebanon & Syria - to this I found a UN declaration like this:

"What is the argument over Shaba Farms, or Har Dov, as it is known in Hebrew? The situation is perhaps best described by the UN report explaining why the UN decided this area is not part of Lebanon.
"On 15 May 2000, the UN received a map, dated 1966, from the Government of Lebanon which reflected the government's position that these farmlands were located in Lebanon. However, the UN is in possession of 10 other maps issued after 1966 by various Lebanese government institutions, including the Ministry of Defence and the army, all of which place the farmlands inside the Syrian Arab Republic. The UN has also examined six maps issued by the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, including three maps since 1966, which place the farmlands inside the Syrian Arab Republic."

My parents here in Germany have an Jewish friend, Siegfried - he once was in the 50ies a colluegue of my father and then went to Israel, probably the only place in that time where any Jew here in Germany wanted to go & could go - My parents & Siegfried whose new name is Jizhac stayed in contact all the time - my parents once in Israel, he meanwhile businessman more often here in Germany) - but recently my mother told me that he was about weeping about the situation in Israel - they want peace - just want to live in peace in there, but the fanatic surrounding Jihadist probably never will give peace before they have wiped out Israel.

The source of all this trouble is the question - has Israel a right to exist. -
We all know that the Jews came from that region, that they had a kingdom & a temple there under David & Salomo, that they finally got dispelled by the Romans & so spread over all the world - all the time they had the intension to go back to their homeland ("Next year in Jerusalem" - by the way 'Jerusalem is about 800 times mentioned in the Old Jewish Bible, but in the Quran not a single time) & all the time there were a small rest of Jews in Israel like in most of the Arabic states from Maroc to Iran - About all Jew communities living since that time in Arabic states got dispelled after 1948 - who is complaining of that loss of land, lives & existences? - About no-one! - & why didn't the Arabic comunitiy take in to their countries the dispelled Palestines like Israel did to the dispelled Jews of all those Arabic countries?

Now these Multi-millions want to dislodge their brothers, the Israelites from their last stance once again. - & Israel has again to fight or die.

I fear that this times it's not like in 1967 & it's gonna have a real deep ending - & I think we- the west should support Israel by all means - it's our first outpost to a myriard of Arabic Jihad Warriors - & they won't stop at that outpost - I read today an Al Qaida statement, that also Catalonia (Spain) was once Islamic & has to be re-conquered

Hebrew & Arabic is very close together - Peace means in Arabic 'Salam' & in Hebrew 'Shalom' - we see it's very related - (in future I'll write more about this, but by then I will give some more historical facts)

& last not least a statement by German Ex-foreign Minister):

A proxy war (By Joschka Fischer)

Haifa, Beirut and many other Lebanese and Israeli towns and villages are under fire. Who would have thought this possible a few weeks ago? Across the globe, the reaction to the images of destruction and death in Lebanon, but also in Gaza and Israel, has been one of abhorrence.

The current war in Lebanon is not a war by the Arab world against Israel; rather, it is a war orchestrated by the region's radical forces - Hamas and Islamic Jihad among the Palestinians, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria and Iran - which fundamentally reject any settlement with Israel.

Conflict was sought for three reasons: first to ease pressure on Hamas from within the Palestinian community to recognize Israel; second to undermine democratization in Lebanon, which was marginalizing Syria; and third to lift attention from the emerging dispute over the Iranian nuclear program and demonstrate to the West the "tools" at its disposal in the case of a conflict.

Moderate Arab governments understand full well the issue at stake in this war: It is about regional hegemony in the case of Syria with Lebanon and Palestine and, on a wider level, Iran's hegemonic claim to the entire Middle East. Yet the war in Lebanon and Gaza could prove to be a miscalculation for the radicals. By firing missiles on Haifa, Israel's third-largest city, a boundary has been crossed. From now on, the issue is no longer primarily one of territory, restitution or occupation. Instead, the main issue is the strategic threat to Israel's existence.

The rejectionist front has underestimated Israel's determination and capacity for deterrence. It has proved there is no way back to the status quo in Lebanon, and it revealed Iran's hegemonic aspirations to the entire world. The folly of this is readily apparent, because it doesn't require much imagination to see what the Middle East would look like if an Iranian nuclear umbrella were shielding the radicals.

This miscalculation will become obvious as four developments unfold:

Israel avoids being sucked into a ground war in Lebanon;

b UN Resolution 1559 - which requires the disarmament of all militias in Lebanon with the help of the international community - is enforced and a return to the status quo rendered impossible;

b today's de facto "anti-hegemon" coalition, comprising moderate Arab countries (including moderate Palestinians), is transformed into a robust and serious peace initiative; and

b the Quartet, led by the United States, becomes actively engaged for a viable solution and provides the necessary political, economic and military guarantees to sustain it over time.

Israel has a key role to play here. Twice, it withdrew its troops unilaterally behind its recognized borders, namely from southern Lebanon and Gaza. Both times, Israel's land-for-peace formula resulted in land for war. Now, with the existence of Israel under threat, peace with its Arab neighbors seems a more distant prospect than ever.

I believe today's war in Lebanon can open up a new opportunity for peace. The sooner the guns are silenced in Lebanon, the better. But let's not forget the war's starting point: the clash within Hamas over whether to recognize Israel. And let's not forget the attitude of moderate Arab governments toward this war and to the hidden intentions of those who sought it.

Israel's security makes a restructuring of Lebanon's internal organization and a guarantee of Lebanon's state sovereignty nonnegotiable. Now is the time to play the Syrian card and bring President Bashar Assad onto the path of normalization. With the Golan Heights, Israel has the key element in its hand. Without Syria, Iran would be alone. Iraq, too, would profit from such a development.

Finally, things are not as hopeless for the Palestinians as they may seem. In Israel's prisons, a consensus has developed among leading Fatah and Hamas Palestinian inmates on accepting a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. This new Palestinian realism must be supported. But there can be no way past the historic date of June 1967 (for both sides).

How then, will Israel define its security in the future? Currently, Israel emphasizes massive deterrence, but it would be well advised to utilize the political and diplomatic possibilities presented by this war and take the initiative from a position of strength to offer a comprehensive peace to all those who are ready to recognize its existence and permanently renounce violence, not just in word, but also in deed.

Now is the time to think big! This applies not only to Israel and its neighbors, but to the U.S. and Europe as well. This war offers a chance for lasting peace. We must not let it slip away.

Joschka Fischer, a leader of the Green Party for nearly 20 years, was Germany's foreign minister and vice chancellor from 1998 to 2005. Copyright: Project Syndicate/Institute for Human Sciences.

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