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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-02 - 4:09 a.m.

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better mice than lice

argh - yesterday late in the evening I saw a mouse again in my flat - when I entered my bathroom & switched on the light I saw her quickly hide behind a chest with books & clothes (yes I have a chest with books & clothes in may bathroom - don't ask me why) - after what I seemed to have seen - it was a still very young mouse - every few years I get attacked in my attick mansion by a mice plague - every few years they find a new mysteriously hidden way into my flat from the attick side, the old (much too much) chimneys & old tube systems in this old house.

Of course a little mouse looks cute & nice, just like a little rat - but if they're in my flat I feel deeply attacked & besieged - they multify like a quantum leap & they gnaw & nibble on everything & if you don't stop them by consequent defending maneouvers - they make your flat & all your possesions look like mice-eaten in fact like a Switzer cheese & your flat start to smell like mouse pee..

Didn't I write already about a former mouse attack in this diary - probably I did (I slightly remember) because it happens every few years - did I tell in my last mouse entry, that they had bitten holes in a package of 'Lebkuchen' (famous kind of Nurembergian big almon & honey cookies) & had eaten most of the contents, leaving only crumbles - by the way this time I have another Lebkuchen package on a shelf in my gangway & of course at once examined it, whether it has already mouseholes in it. - Luckily not yet - but after last night I saw that mouse I at once took that (not yet quite spent) package of poisonious mouse grain (I had kept from the last attack) & strew some of it in corners of my bath & kitchen (that's the frontside to the mouse imperium!)

Nothing against mice in common - they look nice & cute & all - but do you know their reproduction rate? - Rabbits copulation is nothing to it!

In my youth when I was still a mouse & wasp romantic - means I wanted to save all animals life (well 'almost' because I was already a gnat killer) - (you know I saved a wasp when it was about to starve in a marmalade glass etc) - I once was in hot summer on little bathing pond
& a tiny young mouse played without fear on the meadow around me - I could take her in my my hands & in my naive youth mind I decided to take her home with me - (I had hamsters, a white mouse, some canaries & other birds already in my youth) - so I took the little trusting mouse (I didn't think about her poor, missing her, mouse mama, but maybe her mother was already eaten by a fox or a frog or a stork or a weasel or a raven or an owl or any other kind of beast who think that mice taste delicious) - taking a wild beast home with you is in most cases very selfish.

I lived in a community of 8 people by then on the country side (one of the sweetest times in my life) - So at home - we had an old birds cage on the attick & I put the baby mouse in that - I put some food in the cage, built a little bed for her with some woolen stuff & did read a good night story to her (only the last remark is a lie) - I left her later on alone in my room & when came some hours later back - she was gone - I hadn't considered, that she was so small that she could escape through the narrow bars of that bird's cage - she was gone very sorrowly, because I searched all my room & no cute little mouse anymore in sight - we lived in an old farmershouse in that time, with cracked floorboards - everything old & wrinkled - a lot of ways for a little mouse to leave the room -

Did I mention that we lived in that farm house with a lot of animals, some goats, some chicken, some dog & cat flees, a dog & a whole bunch of cats.

Good mice-hunting cats - so the young mouse probably survived her mother only for a half day - probably I should have left her on that meadow at that pond - because if anyway she was doomed to die that day, she could at least have the chance to land in the same beast of prey's stomach like her mother.

No - I shouldn't be so cynical - well maybe she has survived & grounded a new nation of millions mice, some of them invading my flat every few years - the deep revenge, because I once deported her & divided her from her mother who later on died with broken heart on that lonely country side pond.

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